Leaf tips turning white

First time tent grower. Space Berry. White spots on some leaves, particularly the tip. Not all of them. Using Kind soil and Fox Farms soil. I’m technology challenged and tried to upload a pic but it didn’t work.

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A pic would help. Do u monitor the temp akd humidity?

Yes I monitor temp and humidity however it sometimes gets out of whack. I have a 2x2x5 grow tent inside an air conditioned work room. It’s tricky to determine correct temp in room to keep correct temp in tent. Not a lot of the leaves are affected at this point*


Seems like a picture of a picture… Sorta hard to see to be honest.
I see you got your phone use the phone website of the forums it seems to be easier in my opinion.

Looks like tip burn but hard to see.
Are you aware of controllers from inkbird? It will kick your vent duct fan in when temp gets to high

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Thanks for the tip. I keep the exhaust fan on when the lights are on.

A temp controller by inkbird will turn it on and off as needed based on your set temperature setting. Get one you can thank me after.
Until then keep your exhaust fan on 24/7

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I im with a similar situation here on a 26days plant. The tips are “burned” and pointing down. The plant received 2 doses of the root fert, and only one of the Veg Fert, with the dose lower than that is indicate. The soil is inert peat + perlite 50/50, i control the PH always.
Looks like a nutrient burn, but is awkward since it received a much lower dose than indicated.

That looks exactly like my problem. I’m growing in Kind soil and Fox Farm soil so I haven’t added any nutes. Other than the white tips my plant looks healthy. Thanks for the response and hopefully someone can give us some insight.

Mike Griffin

I trully believes thats a nitrogen toxicity… Even though it shouldnt!
Im going to run a flush and restarting at even low pace on nutes…
Same thing here, they do got a bit dark green on the last days, but all in all, looks healthy!

I hope you cand find the mistake on your project. So nice to talk with other persons bout this things.

Have a good one.

Fox farm tends to run hot on the nutrients, especially ocean forest, this could be causing your dark leaves and burned tips. You should be ok just keep up with you ph watering. Might want to get some calmag and add to every watering as well, I’m not familiar with kind soil so I can’t help on that aspect.

Thanks for the info. First time indoor grow, soils came with the tent. My first experience with both soils. So far only challenge is the leaf issue. Plant will be 60 days old November 30. Looks good got several bud sites. Should I try to flip it to flowering then? First time to try that too.