Leaf tips pointing up

Yo guys, any ideas why the tips are pointing up?

Looks like heat maybe? What are the specifics of the grow?

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Its a blueberry auto, outside grow

Only the tips though, not The edges

You find that everywhere or is just there… She locks very healthy but I spotted a few holes in :herb:, be attention on bugs

A couple of leaves have it not sure why it does this, its been hot last few weeks here.
Yeah i’ve been feeding also some neem oil for this, killed a bunch of green caterpillar with my hand xD
But they just keep coming :confused: grrr

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Is it normal the top of the plant is still growin while the base of the plant is making larger bud?

@yoshi @garrigan62 do you think i could put her in the grow room to make her finish quicker? Got a p300 from platinum led…
Is there a risk she could get light burn? She’been outside her whole life

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As long as you don’t start out too low there shouldn’t be any problems