Leaf tips lightening and curling upwards

This is my first grow and I am using the APotForPot half-gallon grow kit, Zkittlez ILGM Autoflower seeds, and just some basic led desk lights for the moment. I am in about week 6 of my grow and about 2 weeks ago I noticed the beginning of a calcium deficiency, I bought some hydrated lime and the calcium deficiency cleared up pretty fast. After about a week I noticed my older leaves were starting to yellow and shrivel up due to what I diagnosed as a nitrogen deficiency. I bought an 11-3-8 plant supplement and have been watering my plant with the standard dilution for about a week now. A few days ago I noticed my new leaves aren’t growing very much and my mature leaves are starting to lighten and curl upwards towards the tips. I have stopped using my desk lamps and am just relying on natural light for right now due to the possibility of light burn, not sure exactly what is causing this could it be light burn or something else.

It looks like your plant may have received too much water. When your plant’s roots have too much water around them, they are unable to transport water up to the leaves effectively-- that’s why they curl and crisp and turn yellow. Her water transport system literally reverses. You may also want to check the pH of your water source. Ideal water pH is 6.5 - 7.0 for cannabis growing in soil.

Our Superb Soil is what professional growers refer to as “hot” which means it has a surplus of bioavailable nutrients-- it’s alive and working for you! You can add additional nutrients for an extra boost if you like, but only 1/3 of what’s on the packaging every 3rd watering. Too many nutrients can overwhelm plants and actually lead to lock out and reduced yields.

A small plant doesn’t need much water. In fact, overwatering is the most common problem for new growers. Cannabis prefers drier soil. And she likes to dry out between waterings.

Once you’ve transplanted, use the weight method to determine when to water. Only water when you pick your pot up and it feels light in weight. If you pick your pot up and it feels heavy, pass on the water. This is the method professional growers use. That’s why you see them always picking up their pots when they walk through their grow, so that they develop an intuitive sense of what their pots should weigh, and when they need water.

Through practice, you’ll gain the same intuition about your pot. As your plant grows bigger and goes into flowering, it will drink more water, and you’ll notice your pot drying out and getting lighter faster. Learning your plant and connecting with it in this and many other ways is part of the fun of growing.

But while you’re learning, when in doubt, water less. Correcting an under watered plant is way easier than an overwatered plant, and most new growers overestimate how much their plant drinks. :seedling: :droplet:


Great, thanks for the reply!