Leaf tips curling down

Okay so I’m trying not to make a thread for everything that I could just use the search function to find out about. So I read from other posts that this is likely the light being to close or nitrogen toxicity. I haven’t fed them yet and I just noticed this today. Coincidentally, I just put them under new lights yesterday. So I’m going to go with this as the issue. Only question is how long should it take to bounce back (so I have an idea of when I should go ahead and raise up a couple more inches).

No difference 24 hours later. Should I go up another couple inches or am I just imagining a problem here.

Same plant, 24 hours after going up 6 inches yesterday.

I would give them a day with this height and look tonight to see if the curling is worse or better. Don’t over react. They will rebound quickly. I had mine outside and nuked them in the sun on Saturday. They are starting to come back.

If you have multiple questions you should start a support thread. Fill out the support ticket with all the details. The indoor pros will get you straightened out.

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Think I’m good otherwise…but I’ll definitely be hitting up this group of wonderful people as I go along. Then hopefully pay it forward as I begin to know what im talking about.

How many inches from the plant and how big a light? Devil is in the details. This is stuff peeps need to know. Showing just a a pic of the plant does nothing to help. Hence why I said fill a form out. It’s cool.

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Right now I have then under two 320 actual watt blurples. 640 watts in my 4x4. Had them at about 16 inches away from top of tallest plant. (That lady pictured) they have been sitting at 22 inches for the last 24 hours…manufacturer says to veg at 20. Didn’t bother with the specifics because these are going back to Amazon on Friday when my 500 w qb comes in. Just don’t want to harm them in the meantime.

That’s might be much for them right now esp at like 16 inches. Keep them at 22 and watch them. Even if they are going back it’s key info. Gotta know what the whole picture looks like to say what’s doing with it. When you get the big dog start at the same height and let them tell you if they need up or down. You’ll know. Be preventive you can always go down it only take a couple hours to burn em.

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Will do sir, ty

If the lights were an issue, the leaves would be pointing up if too hot.

If you have a thread for your grow, post problems there. If you don’t have a thread, it might do you well to start one. From there you can keep track of issues so you can go back and review notes later.

You can always tag folks by simply putting the @ symbol in front of their name: @Eagles009

As mentioned above, a support ticket will give folks enough info too start with any and all help possible. There are more than enough folks here that know what they are doing.

Growing marijuana can be a challenge, and it can be easy, after all, it’s a weed.

Always post picture with natural light.
Good luck! :+1:t2: :sunglasses:

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Ten four, maybe I will get a grow log going, did just add a couple seedlings to the mix.

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