Leaf tips brown

There has been some discoloration since we returned from Florida 10 days ago, been keeping an eye on it, fed today, they were hungry for their first nutes, but it’s only this plant out of 4, any ideas?

Natural light photos please.

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Here it is; like I said, it went through sum water problems 10 days ago, and I just gave them their first nutes, so hopefully it will balance back out

It looks like nutrient burn. Did you check runoff ppm when you gave nutes?


It won’t let me post here, it sent the reply to a diff topic

So anyways, ppm was 875 and ph was 6:2 on run off, going in ppm was 1087 ph was 6,2. Fed at 3 o’clock today, other 3 plants look fine, but this plant does take more to get run off, soft pots. I believe they got flooded while on vacation, timer dumped all the water at one time, which I believe brought the nute problem to a head sooner than needed ffo soil, the tips were starting when we returned 10 days ago.

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Flush them and check the ppm if it’s to high flush again

This picture was taken March 29, when I returned from va action,

at this time they had O nutes in their lives

As you can see, the yellowing tips had started

Looks like nute burn

Sounds like you’re onto what happened.

Yeah, I don’t think it was today’s feeding, but I’ll know tomorrow, if their is burn from today, how fast will it show up? Sorry first grow

Just keep an eye on it and if it gets worse at some point make a call to flush it and check run off Ph and PPM
Looks like just a hic up to me.

Hope this helps and HAGD

I ended up flushing the one plant, we went to Florida and my watering system messed up, when we returned and I watered the plants the yellow tips showed up, just on the one plant, and that one was the plant that was the driest. Thx