Leaf Temp Guidance and Direction

Anyone have any guidance, feedback or handy reference tools for managing leaf temp? I can meaure it. I know it should not be too high, but I’m not sure where the sweet spot is. Other than if it feels like its too hot, it probably is. I’m at 69 to 72 or 73 degrees or so now, which I assume is ok but I really have no idea. Any guidance appreciated. If anyone has a handy and easily understood calculation for Vaper Pressure Deficit (VPD) that would be welcome and much appreciated also. Not sure how much chatter this topic gets but thought I would throw it out there. If there is a thread already started on it, or this is the wrong landing pad for the question feel free to course correct me.

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Leaf temp is hard to measure: those laser IR thermometers don’t do a good job of accurately measuring leaf temp FYI. 78F is about the peak in ideal range for cannabis.


@Myfriendis410 Thank you! I have seen this chart elsewhere somewhere and this is much easier to manage to than leaf temps and VPD calculations. Printed and added to my stack of metrics that all carry the footnote. “Disregard and re-check PH.” :slight_smile: