Leaf strip question, entering 2nd week of flower

My plants are pretty bushy and I was wondering when would be the best time to start stripping my plants and how much should I take off?? Any help would be much appreciated. Also, how high up should I go?

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It’s difficult to say you should specifically take x amount. I started defoliation at about 2 weeks into flower. I tend to take off the larger fan leaves towards the center and work my way out. Basically you want to remove enough to allow light down into the center and lower part of plant. I’m going to put some pics up of my first round of removal so you can get a idea of what I’m saying. In the end go with your gut.



This is what they currently look like. I’ve removed more since I did the original defoliation.


Yeah I take off a few leaves here and there that are blocking buddies that are developing, but I haven’t done any major stripping yet. I think I will wait one more week for that. And you are saying you started at the end of week two or the start of it? @Bulldognuts @Myfriendis410 what is your advice? Tag anyone y’all think would give me some advice as well.

Week 3 of flower I start removing fans that interfere with light and air. I don’t strip the plant.

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A few of us have been following Greengene’s defoliation technique. (he got it from someone else, I don’t remember who… and here we got it from @imSICKkid)

He defoliates heavily at day 21 and day 42 of flowering. Here’s the video :

Hope this helps! :nerd_face:

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