Leaf spray using epsom salt mix


Can you mix epsom salt with water for leaf spray to add magnesium to the grow


Just desolve it in water and give to plant


It works wonders on tomato and pepper plants. I use it on my girls 2 time per grow…1 tablespoon per gallon of water.


Agreed absolutely!!
I used it through my grow and in every stage of growth
They were pretty healthy so I think they liked it


Also most brands list a foiliar and dry soil use as well
The brand I used last year said 2tbs per gallon of water and drench the plants foliage and stems.
There is also a product you can find at most hydro stores called SM-90
Mix it in with your foliar spray as a wetting agent.
This will also slow evap time so that your leaves can really soak in to your leaves and stems it also helps fight fungus and mites too. I highly recommend it amd use it in all of my foliar sprays now



It also smells great!!


@Growit, looks like a hydro setup, nice drums:rofl:


I put a cup into a bath last night, slept real well, maybe the wine helped too