Leaf spots, brown spots

This is my second year growing. Last year I grew 5 plants. Germinated from ILGM seeds transferred outside in 15 gal. fabric pots. I had no problems and a yield of 33oz. of culled buds.
Looking to repeat this year I germinated 6 of the same, 2 each of AK47, Bubble gum and White Widow, on April 28, planted in 16oz cups a couple of days latter. Kept indoors under lites for 4 weeks, introduced to the outside during daylight for a week. Planted in 15 gal. fabric bags June 1 and 5hey have been doing very well since.

I keep a close eye on them and today I noticed one, AK47 had some leaves with brown, rust colored spots.

It is the only plant with this issue. I see a couple of spotted lantern flies on the plants but I kill them and don’t see any damage. I don’t see any other pests on the plant.
Any thoughts appreciated.


Did you pull those leaves from the lower part of the plant?

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Not the very bottom, a little more then 1/2 way down.


Your plant looks very healthy. It’s normal for a plant to shed its lower leaves as it matures.


Without knowing any particulars I’d guess it’s some fungus possibly Leaf Septoria.

I’d add some Hydroguard to the root zone and use a H2O2 wash for the plant and pot.

As a general rule of thumb, add one tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide per eight oz (one cup) of distilled water.

For a better diagnostic fill out this survey and post here.

What strain, White Widow
Seed bank, or bag seed (photo or auto) photo
-Age of plant 8weeks
-Method: Soil w/salt, soil
Organic soil, FF Ocean forest
Hydroponics, n/a
KNF -Vessels: Type and capacity of container (fabric, plastic, etc)15 Gal. fabric
-PH and TDS of Water, 6.8
Solution, runoff (if Applicable) -n/a
PPM/TDS or EC of nut… I’ve been fertilizing with FF Grow big and Big Bloom 1/2 gallon, mixed as directed each week

Nice, you have a solid plan. Since you’ve moved them outside they may have a bit of stress adjusting. Your soil is a good organic blend that covers your nitrogen for the first few weeks. It is highly active and I would add beneficial microbes to help breakdown the organics and make available.
They are looking really good!!