Leaf spot fungus or rust fungus or both?

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As soon as I started burning the sulfur it’s stopped it dead.

… I got respiratory issues, so I was hesitant at first, tried everything but else nothing worked, the sulfur burner doesn’t bother me at all you barely smell it through a closed door, it’s not a cloud of Thick Smoke it’s more like a vapor

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I@Paranorman I’m not sure I have that. I think it’s rust fungus as well

I heard sulfur burners shouldn’t be used during flower. Is that true?

Septoria looks like a lot of things are you sure that’s not a pH, Cal Mag and/or nutrient deficiency?

… what makes you think it’s a fungus?

( I haven’t read the whole thread, if you can give me the bullet points why you believe it’s septoris? I have a link to where I had my issue I’ll put it up when I get a moment)

It’s near the end of this thread, I’m not a hundred percent sure it was leaf spot fungus but it did stop when I put the sulfur burner I noticed it the very first time I used it so I gotta think that it was but again it looks like a lot of other things

By the way it doesn’t matter what fungus it is or powdery mildew what-have-you the sulfur coats the Leafs with a very high pH making things unable to spread

I don’t know how they multiply but anyway this stops it, it coats everything in the area with a fine particulate from what I’ve come to understand

I was thinking it was rooted in air circulation issues. I am not really sure what it is. That led me to fungus.

Yet the temps are not that cold and humidity is around 55%
I use calmag.
It could be a nute deficiency as I constantly battle ph issues (usually a little high like 7.1)

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Okay so you need to exhaust all those Avenues before you come to the conclusion and buy a sulfur burner

If you have a support ticket filled out you can link it here or when I get a moment at the end of the day I’ll look for it, but a Link would help if you have a chance

If you start feeding at this minute that leaf damage is going to keep going for up to a week so it’s going to look like it’s not working but then the new growth might start coming in normal that could more likely be your problem then septoria it may not be you may have some type of a fungus going on but you’re going to have to eliminate everything else first

Edit: Leaf Septoria On Marijuana and Weed Plants: How to Prevent It

Wow it sure looks like it and it looks like what I had to but I went through a phase where I was seeing septoria everywhere so forgive me if I’m a little Guarded in asking you the other things but I went through your threadt a little bit at this point if it were me I would start burning sulfur …there is some recipes on the internet of people making their own burner with a simple Tin Cup and a candle, but I recommend you buy a professional unit because of the safety issue and because septoria probably never leaves the environment, so you might need it in the future


@Fever told you some of us mention that every time lol if you suspect it’s rust sulfer burner works for that too

Not sure I follow @Donaldj I don’t think it is affecting any new growth but seems to be spreading on older growth

Calcium def takes 2-3weeks to show any signs so if that were the cause leafs which were already damaged will look worse over time even after cause is fixed new growth however would be fine. Leaf rust also takes time to colonize new growth so all new growth would take days to show any signs as well a sulfer burner will kill any molds or fungi as well as most bugs much like a milk spray it leaves a fine residue on plants which is alkali and not friendly to bugs or molds. So actually is a very good investment to any grow room since it treats and prevents many issues even in flower the residue can be washed of at harvest

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@Donaldj by it you are referring to milk spray or sulfur burner? Thanks

Little tip milk spray will leave a residue on your leaves not harmful but you’ll notice it :slight_smile:

@Majiktoker I’m trying to determine if we are talking about milk or sulfur :slight_smile:
Which one would be the investment?

I understand I didnt answer only because I didnt read his reply I just noticed milk spray and wanted to give a little tip on it and not to freak out if you see a residue :slight_smile:

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Well milk is cheaper and neither harm the plant in flower?

Right, but down side to sulfur burner is im pretty sure it can cause respiratory problems


That’s why I waited, but nothing worked, nothing…

I’ve got serious respiratory issues but my room is sealed well, I follow directions on the box, I don’t even smell it on the other side of the door and if I give it 15-20 minutes it’s all dissipated, seems pretty safe

Tip: …put it on a timer so you don’t ever have to go in the room when it’s on. It doesn’t make hardly any smoke that you noticed, it’s more like a vapor, I mean you’ll know it if you go in but it’s not a thick smoke @Fever

One other thing I don’t use it anymore. I saw maybe one leaf recently that I thought might have been it, so I used it two, three times and no more problem

…keep an eye out but it seems to stop it, and it says on the directions that it would stop it eventually?


Thank you for chiming in @Paranorman

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