Leaf spot fungus or rust fungus or both?

Title is pretty self explanatory

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That is not cal mag, at this point it is molybdenum, manganese, or leaf spot fungus.

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Thank you @Majiktoker this escaped me

Any time my friend

One of my biggest problems is determining when a problem is no longer a problem.
What type of toxicities are actually recoverable? How many are not recoverable?
Leaves showing a particular deficiency or toxicity will not bounce back
Leaves showing other toxicity or deficiency will bounce back

Only new growth can be your indicator

So which is it? That’s my issue I think

I think you should be fine I’ve had this issue before several times easier on the Nutes for a week just make sure you pH your water and see what she does

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Looks a Lil like leaf spot fungus. … what strain is this again…?

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If you look at the “Symptom Checker” under “Guides” at top of the page, the pictures will help a lot. I still use it.

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Acapulco gold mostly @peachfuzz

Hate being the first to ask did you check with microscope for bugs :confounded: if it’s leaf spot best cure is sulfer burner @Paranorman will tell you how well his works

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No I did not check microscope for bugs but have not seen any movements when I look under leaves

@Fever, a good way to go about this problem is visit the charts and graphs thread, there are charts showing what symptoms are shown from deficiencies and excess (toxicity) I really think that would help you out and help you get a better understanding on these things

Thanks @Majiktoker I tried looking at them before and it didn’t help. I had problems seeing the pictures they look very pixilated also some of the “early” signs don’t even look bad and the late signs although helpful don’t help me solve the issue. I will look again. Thanks

Blow them up and wait a second for them to load that should make them clearer :slight_smile: if you have any questions im happy to teach you I know its frustrating but hang in there you’ll get it in no time

Ok got it @Majiktoker but even if I am right with the diagnosis page, the solution page is missing

I also think the support ticket needs a facelift like say:

  1. Fan characteristics- direct /indirect/oscillating/none
  2. When do you know to water?
  3. Nutrient cadence?
  4. Ventilation?

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It asks most of these things, nutrient cadence would be strength tsp/ml per gallon and it does ask about ventilation. Also, when to water you just had,to simply ask my friend, check top inch of medium with your finger if its dry they are ready for water, if they are still wet or damp leave them until dry. As for the first thing you mentioned, that is why we tell you/any new growers to tell us any thing else that may help us better help you, therefore when filling out a support ticket its important to add all details even if they aren’t listed :slight_smile:

Kind regards

@Majiktoker not really from a new grower perspective.
Is wind burn covered by the support ticket? (No it isn’t, the question assumes the answerer understands fully the nuances of fans)
The knuckle method is incorrect, I feel no moisture but put a moisture sensor to the roots and it says "wet"
No knowing what you don’t know is the catch 22
How would a new grower know what they don’t know to tell an experienced grower?

That’s an intermediate support ticket

It doesn’t require you know what to say it only rules some potentials out making us think harder on what other details we should ask :wink:

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If it has a metal probe I wouldn’t trust it but of you dont wanna listen thats fine im not the new grower lol :slight_smile:

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