Leaf Serations Turning Up, Yellowing Leaf edges/tips

  • LGM Girl Scout Cookies
  • Method: Organic Soil like super soil, specifically “Great Lakes Water Only”
  • Vessels: 7 Gallon Airpots
  • pH in is currently 6.4
  • PPM: 425
  • I use worm tea mostly, plain water and sometimes supplement with organic calmag and occasional recharge
  • Indoor
  • 300W QB currently at about 50% and about 18 inches from canopy
  • Temp 68F
  • Humidity 55%
  • 4" exhaust and a couple fans
  • No humidifier or AC
  • Co2: No
  • Age: Prob 60 days veg?

About 10 days ago I noticed the pH was 5.8 so I fed it some calcium (in the form of Nutrient for the God’s Olympus Up) and then a few days later top dressed with dolomite lime. The day after the lime my pH was at 7.0. Now another couple days later and the pH is 6.4. So yes, huge pH swings in the last week. Could the pH swing cause the symptoms in the pictures? Yellowing leaf edges and serrations turning up? Thanks.

Just making a couple edits:

  • Current PPM is 550 (but water is 200 of that)

  • pH is 6.8 currently. Not 6.4.

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I think this is part of it. Other than that a bit of genetics maybe but they look pretty good.

Entirely possible swing in PH could cause a lockout.


I had leaves that looked like that, when I had a plant in a basement and it was 65°.


Interesting. I wanted to keep the light intensity down but that’s also why my temps are low.

You can raise the light intensity, but raise the light more. That should help.

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