Leaf Septoria...?

Not sure on how to send a photo. Pretty classic… brown spots with yellow around them.


Strain- Pineapple Haze Two plants 4" tall already started flowering…

Seed bank - ILGM

Age of plant - 9 weeks
Method: Outdoors – Soil - a blend of “Potting soil” and “Top soil”
Vessels: Plastic Pots 5 gal

Not really sure of PH

A couple of doses from a Technaflora kit

Temps; Day around 90, Night around 80
Humidity; Day 80-90ish, Night 60-70ish

Rained ALOT lately, humid round here.
Picture shows what I think is Leaf Septoria. Otherwise plants seems healthy.

I used one shot of Flying Skull “Nuke Em”. Would I be better off with a different anti-fungal? Does anti-fungal help? I want to stay ahead of “bud rot”. I experienced that once before…

That humidity is what is cause the spores to thrive. Remvoe infected leaves. Rake top of soil make sure you clean a little and . Sometimes the spores are in the soil so cleaning top layer could help sometimes people cover it so if it is coming from soil up and t re infected foilage. Pruning and airflow are your best friend. Also neem oil is a fungicide that people use not sure if your flowering yet

Also a 3 % hydrogen peroxide solution mixed with water works as well. If your not down with the neem oil. Spray top of soil too

Do you think Hydrogen peroxide works as well as the store bought fungicides? Airflow’s hard to accentuate outside…