Leaf septoria, some help please

A question from a fellow grower:

I am growing 2 plants with seeds from Holland that were ordered from another company and thought my plants were doing perfectly. These are outside plants and my first real attempt at an educated grow. I am a gardener and usually can handle most of my problems myself. I was wrong. In the meantine I have developed leaf septoria and am unnerved to say the least. The disease came from some tomatoe plants brought here with what I was told was fertilizer burn…NOT. I thought I remembered where the make your own sprays from oils was on the site but now can’t find them. I have clove oil, cinnamon, pepper flakes and hot pepper powder (cayenne).I also have Neem. I am using a foliar spray that quadruples production and is under study at the Univ. of Cal. Davis. I have a connection to a couple who make pro-biotic and other products that they sell online. It is under study as I said and I was hesitant to come up with any of my own plans on a spray schedule until I talked to the owner of that company. I talked with him this am and he hasn’t a clue how I can use the above oils mentioned, like how much of what and how often. I am hoping you can help me. I have been fighting this problem for a week now and am worried I am going to kill my plants. I am trying my best to keep the infected leaves picked off. I have used the neem 2x’s in 3 days. It is time for the foliar spray and was told today by the owner of the pro-biotic company that I can use his product everyday if I want to. It is kind of scary because he doesn’t offer much hope for me. He says start over…well I can’t. I can only try to save them. I have one plant that is budding and is loaded with buds but the leaf count of the infected leaves keeps increasing. I sprayed with neem last night. I had planned on using the foliar fertilizer tonight. The ph of that spray is pretty acidic 4. something. I have some phosphorous and blood meal and bone meal, and betonite. I am under the impression that I need to keep the soil more alkaline now that it is budding. I forgot to mention alfalfa pellets which I used last week as a fertilizer. I also forgot fish emulsion. I know this is all jumbled and I am creating a letter that will be hard to read. I feel like a ticking time bomb is getting ready to go off and I don’t know what to do. I am trying not to order your blaster product because of the money and because I should have everything I need right here. I just don’t have the formula for this specific plant. Can you help me??? I have searched again on your site for what I thought were oil recipes and can’t find them. Did I make a mistake and am confusing this site with somewhere else? Please get in touch ASAP. I do remember somewhere in your article on septoria that it could be managed if not cured. I only use rain water to water or spring or distilled water. I have been quite neurotic about my plants. This just snuck up on me. I just don’t get these kind of problems in my gardens.