Leaf removal during flower

Hi I have a question about removing leaves. Actually it is a multi part question. I have just put into flower, 3 white widows. They are doing great as far as I can tell as this is my first ever grow. They are nice and full, good color, and have lots of bud sites. My question is it ok to defoliate some of the leaves? and if it is which ones? and where to you take them off? do you cut the stem close to the stock?

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Check out Robert’s blog articles on pruning here:


There are many opinions on this, and after you become experienced, you too will choose your own technique. I support the idea of reading Robert’s notes.

Hello MacGyver and Latewood and the entire forum folks.

Thanks for your help. I have read in full both the links you provided. I believe I have a better understanding of defoliation. Actually I have been reading all the blogs on this forum for quit some time. I was amazed as to how much goes into growing quality bud. But if it wasn’t for everything I have read here and in Roberts grow bible I wouldn’t have the grow I have at this point. I have used some of the techniques discussed here (but with much caution) Also through the advice and instruction I have learned here, for a new grower all this info can be a lot to decipher. So occasionally I have a question or 3.

I have 3 White Widows that are taking over my grow tent :wink: I have used some LST and some leaf removal techniques as well as proper watering, nutrients and amounts. I am now in my 2nd week of flower and very happy with my progress so far. Though as I write this a question does come to mind. I have been using T5 lights from the beginning. They are Hydrofarm T5, FLP48/UN 8*54W. The unit fits perfectly in my small tent. There are many thoughts on lights at different stages of growth. I plan on using them for the entire grow. What are your thoughts on this and are there options of lights I can use with this same fixture you may recommend? I know this is quite long, so thanks for any input.

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