Leaf questions on seedlings

Two questions…

  1. The tips of the serrations on the leaves of my 9 day old seedlings are curling towards the light. The color looks good, and the soil is still moist. Is this normal, or what could it be? To weak of a light?

  2. When do we count the age of a plant, when the tail pops out in water, or when it pops out of the ground?

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Most start counting when she breaks soil. Pics would help to determine if it has any issues. Might be praying to the light. Could be a problem. Pics would help determine that. Lol. Welcome and good luck

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Breaking soil makes them 7 days old.

I’m also considering adding a wrap of paper / plastic around the top of the little pots to be able to bury the stem a couple more inches. Will that help or hurt the root system? I know some tomatoes aren’t suppose to be to deep and others will root off the vine if buried. Not sure about MJ.

Better lights should be here tomorrow, we have rain hear until the end of the week.

Looks like maybe low humidity.

You can do this when you transplant to your next pot size.

Next time I transplant will be in the ground.

Humidity is 71% and temp is 75F.

We have a few hours without rain and the sun peaking through a little so they’re outside getting natural light and a breeze.

Humidity looks good. Could just be a phenotype thing. I don’t mind my seedlings a little leggy. Gets those first nodes up and away from the soil.