Leaf prob help please

Can someone help me identify what my gal needs

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Looks like a temp/humidity issue…need more info fill out a support ticket to get better help please. I will not be on much longer but with more info some1 will be by…best of luck


Also could be wind burn… is she near a fan?

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Yes it feels crispy on edges just had a battle with spider mites

Wouldnt be more than 2 leaves?

Ill get humidity reading in morning temp is 88 at times

I think its a humidity and temperature problem maybe with abit of wind burn from fans

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Indoors…88 is too high, gotta exhaust your heat with a fan, preferably outside. Assuming you are not using one with those temps…you will need a catbon filter to scrubb the air after week 2 of flower unless your not worried about your neighbors

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Thank you down to 81 during daytime

Had just got new phone

@Powderburn1 81 is still a touch high. Try to keep tomps 78 and below. I look for the edges of my plants to “taco” and start to curl to tell me when to raise my lights. Once the light is moved the leaves relax and return to normal. I kinda use the leaves as a gauge. Are you using a dehue inside the tent? The by-product of a degue is heat. I run mine outside the tent with the humidity intake inside.

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TThere isnt tent its old bathroom cant seeem to get below 80 apc running fan 10" on light and 12" oscillator on girls

This may be color of plant leaf now seems healthy

I have same dehu got to forgive spelling my thumbs to big