Leaf issues with northern lights autoflower

From a fellow grower: NL auto leaves have issues.

  • Strain: Northern Lights
  • Type (fem/auto/reg): Auto
  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): Indoor
  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): Germinated in Jiffy peat pods
  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: Just kept moist until seeds germinated
  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): None
  • Light type & schedule: They were under a T5 fluorescent light in a 18/6 nursery
  • Temperatures day & night: Day’s run about 76 degrees and nights around 65 degrees
  • Humidity day & night: 46% during the day and the humidity creeps up to about 55% at night
  • Ventilation: Semi-closed loop set up. No forced air intake or lung room. Air scrubber/carbon filter exhaust configuration forces air outdoors.
  • AC: Yes
  • Humidifier: No
  • De-humidifier: Yes


What kind of soil are you in?

Did you spray them with something?

I used Jiffy peat pods to germinate them and transferred them into soil.The soil consist of peat, coco, earthwork castings, perlite, and a mixture of organic amendments. But the picture is from the day I transplanted them so essentially they were only in peat when the leaves appeared varicose.

No they haven’t received any foliar spray. Simply keeping the Jiffy pod consistently moist prior to transplanting to soil.

It’s been a few days, are they doing any better? Any new growth? How does that look?

Did you spray it or get it wet when watering? Sometimes the water magnifies the light and causes local spotting which is why it is suggested to spray them only before lights out.

The humidity is a little low for seedlings, using a humidity dome may help get it through the first week or two and reduce stress.

It’s unusual for seedlings to look like that so I’m just trying to throw out ideas to give you things to think about, hope something helps.