Leaf issues showing

Hey, Happy Christmas y’all.

In the middle of my first grow, I had to take a few days away to see my family for Christmas, when I came back there are a few trouble spots that I had some questions about.

Some info:
ZSkittlez Auto from ILGM.
5 gallon pot of FFHF soil.
Low 70s Fahrenheit, mid 70s RH.
23 days post sprout.
No nutrients yet really, tiny bit of mag sulfate.

One leaf died and I had to cut it off:

Saw another in trouble, you can also see some damage/disease in a smaller amount on the leaf next to it as well:

And here’s an overall look:

If anyone could help me figure out what’s causing this and the next steps I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time.

-The Rook

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The leaf that died was one of the first set of non-fan leaves after sprouting.

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The experts have to say and they will.
I think it’s nitrogen deficiency?
Please correct if I’m wrong.

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She’s hungry. The FFOF is an amended medium and will feed cannabis for about 4-5 weeks before nutes are needed. Do you have a TDS and PH pen and water to run off? Testing the run off numbers will tell you how much she’s eating and the amount of nutrients to mix :love_you_gesture:

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That’s one of the nutes she’s hungry for :love_you_gesture: