Leaf issues help plzzzz

What’s going on here I’ve never seen this before

I am having similar problem with my White Widom fen autoflowers :weary:

Describe the environment… Soil,light, how many hours per day, what nutes ect.

It appears to be Phosphorus deficiency; and, possibly slight Calcium deficiency as well, but as you said, more info is always better to diagnose.

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Do you have any more pictures of the problem? A pic of a full leaf w/ stem perhaps?

Yes I will add but it will be at least 8 hours from now, at work

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I had it in a 18x18x48 grow box. Two 60watt CFL bulbs. Feed only RO water and was using all purpose miracle grow, diluted to 1/2. This problem showed up after I switch muted when it went to flower and I moved it to a bigger grow box. Also temps ranged between 71-82 degrees and humidity was 40-60 in a 24 hour period. Lights were on 24-7 since it is auto flower and they are 2700k.

When I switched nutes, I used a tomato bloom by miracle grow, mixed and diluted down to 1/3. Also moved it to bigger box. It only stayed in big box for two days because the temps got to high. It’s located in garage in extra room but no a/c. Temps were 84-90 degrees the two days it was out there and I did water it once, plus nutes. Brought it back in and set it back in smaller one but it is cramped so light not getting all around. Be a couple of more hours before I can post pics, still not home.

Any help is appreciated, I have about 5-6 weeks before she is will be ready for harvest so I need to correct ASAP!

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Oh, the dirt is 100 percent organic. I was planning on reporting this weekend into a five gallon pot, adding more soil and possible cow manure


This appears to be Magnesium uptake deficiency.

Be aware that Calcium (Ca), Potassium (K), Iron (Fe), are all interactive, along with the pH (potential Hydrogen), and maybe your problem with the uptake.

Organic soils are always too wild for my tastes.

This is the only place I see damage, but bugs possible…

How do I correct the deficiencies ?

First, Id try Epsom Salt from any pharmacy (Magnesium Sulfate). Foliar spray or adding to feed water will work.

Thanks :smiley:
Will also purchase a PH tester.
I stuck my finger about three inches down inside and hit roots, maybe root bound, inhibiting uptake, ergo salty and needing a good flush. I will post Friday in new pot, add some more soil, test ph and Epsom salts!

Other than my problem, how did it look ? The pics of buds? I know they are small but this is my first grow

I would pull off the dead leaves that are on ur plant too but yes I agree it looks like a slight mag deficiency… Did u try the Epsom salt? I use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water

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Got a PH tester, came back at 6.8

Check soil fertility and my readings were low.

I added Epsom salt until water came out of pot ( about 1/2 A gallon).

Also repotted. Had to, roots were coming out the bottom of other pot.

What is typical recover time anyone?


For the most part, mad deficiency seems to be abated. However, no spots this morning (4 days after starting mag treatment)

Help, don’t know where I went wrong