Leaf issues for a Newbie

I have these rust colored spots and tips. Started bout week 2 of Veg. Strains are WW an bruce banger. Using nature living brand supersoil batched with happy frog per instructions. Using ph adjusted spring water at 6.5ph an just started adding cal-mag. Humidity between 40-60% and temp 65f to 80f. 1000 led light. I have ver good airflow. I am now in week 5 an started flowering light cycle one week ago. I think the soil may be to hot but im very new to growing so just an uneducated guess. Please help, i dont want to lose my girls!

Sorry bout pics under the LED

Looks like the soil is a little hot. I would hold off on the calmag for now and just use straight water until the nutrients in the supersoil comes down a little bit :v::bear:

Right on Matty Bear. Ill try that thanks for the advice!

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I’ve found the Bruce banner from ilgm to be super forgiving during grow.
It’s a great smoke too.
Pics in natural light help with any diagnosis.

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I agree the soil is probably too hot. And, pictures in natural lighting are something that would help a ton. Honestly, I think your ph is high and a reading of your ppm’s would help your cause a ton. It’s almost impossible to know whats going on without a ppm reading. then we will know if you need to flush or not.

I dont have a ppm pen as i didnt think i needed one seeing as i am not using nutes.

Those spot look to me like water spots that got dried up by your light. Is that an area where you watered and possibly just got water on the leaves? It just seems so localized. I think having a ppm meter wouldn’t hurt to have. Other than those few spots they look great!!

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Very possible with the water. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!