Leaf issue on young clone

Good day fellow inmates,

I am currently having leaf issues with a clone that’s been growing without problems up to a few days ago.
From the start, it’s been presenting with unusual leaf formations. Some with one, two and three bifurcations but healthy in color. It’s also presenting as a dwarf in nature. It’s less than a foot tall but the branching formation seems more mature than it should be at this stage. (~4 weeks old). It was cloned just as flowering started from the mother plant.
It was transplanted yesterday because roots started exiting from drain holes.

Leaves are yellowing and necrotic from the bottom and progressing upwards.
Appears like an overabundance or deficiency of nutrition or watering.
Thanks for any incite, stay safe…elliot

Your plant is hungry, yellowing from the bottom up is a nitrogen deficiency, are you feeding it anything? You say you just transplanted it, what kind/brand of potting soil did you use?


Thanks Hellraiser,
I was in panic mode when transplanting. I had Espoma mix on hand and combined it with a little topsoil to fill the pot. It wasn’t a major difference in pot size so I only expect it to be in this vessel for a couple of weeks. I thought it might even be N toxicity due to some apparent clawing of new leaves.
I should say that I live in the big apple and the outdoor growing season has just about ended. Harvested the mother plant a couple of weeks ago with a decent yield and very good quality. This is her clone. I don’t have any indoor apparatus for bring her offspring to full term and I expect to keep it by a window for light gathering. Cannabis is a beautiful plant even if it’s just for decorative purposes. So I hope to keep her healthy for as long as i can.
Thanks for the suggestion…elliot

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Happy thanksgiving People,

I happy to report that after several weeks labor, I finally nursed my lady’s clone back to normal (i hope).
I believe the main issue was an overwatering situation. I decided to transplant the offspring to different soil, Foxfarm, and when I scrutinized the root system, practically 75% of the roots were toast. I stripped off as much as I thought I should and washed the rest of the root ball to expose the remaining healthy ones. I also repotted from an 10 inch plastic to a 6 inch clay pot after dousing the root system with the rooting medium and watering the soil lightly with a H202/water solution. Put the whole plant vertically in a plastic storage container and Saran wrapped the front to make a little greenhouse to trap in the moisture.
The one remaining issue is that it might be experiencing some clawing issues so I plan to flush at the next watering.
I lost the bottom third of leaves and the plant remains in dwarfism which is fine because I’m growing it as a houseplant for the beauty of the plant itself.
Thanks guys for suggestions from here and other threads I posted regarding this issue.

Stay safe and enjoy the holidays…elliot