Leaf issue on 1 indoor exotic grow...what is it

Not sure what it is…mites…heat…nutes??? Only plant out of 5 that have this…

I think you are best to search forums and find people that are best at deficiencies and then come back to this post and use the @ function.
Write their names down then just say @ there name after with no space. Ask for help. Call the grow masters to your post.
Hope it helps :dizzy:

@merlin44 can you help out here or call the other wizards.
Cheers and thanks in advance.

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Have you checked for bugs? do you have a loop, if you do, check the underside of leaves fro eggs/bugs , Is that a clone?
There is also a trouble ticket you can fill out and post , try to fill out as much info you can on it, there are a lot of people on here that will help you, Post some more pics if you can, maybe more clearer. Happy Growing !

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Looks like you are in good hands with @zparkie2, solid advice there.

Hang some sticky yellow cards around the plant to see if anything is buzzing around @Weedlvr0321

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