Leaf Issue - Disease?

I have seen some weird discoloration form in the past couple days. I saw the same exact thing late flower on my last crop that was in another tent and I figured it was normal because it was late flower and the leaves were losing color and turning purple. This is a very young plant and I want to catch this early if it’s some type of disease I need to treat. Anybody deal with something like this? Transplanted in FFOF almost 3 weeks ago with nothing but PH’d water so far. I am main lining this crop.

Are you declorinating your water and is it well water?

I’m piggybackingcause I’m not sure where to get the answer I need

The browns only on that one leaf and it’s a mature gsce auto bout 5 ft tall

@Stevenray93 @Sindog216 Good evening.

To help the community help you please fill out a grow ticket. If you search the forum for “grow ticket” you should be able to find the template. I’m on my phone and haven’t mastered cut and paste. You can also use the search function to search “purple leaves” or “brown spots on leaves” and you may get some ideas of what the leaf discoloration could be.

I am only on my second grow and not good at diagnosing nutrient issues.

Take care and I know one of the great growers here will help you out.