Leaf issue diagram

Does anyone have a picture of the leaf problem chart? I’ve searched around for an hour now and can’t find it. Naturally, I have a problem and can’t tell what it is. Iron deficiency? Light too close? Tips have curled too.

Thank you for any advice you may have or chart I can look at. Thanks grow gang!

Finally found it…

Nitrogen deficiency?

This one’s better


Thank you @GreenSnek!

And I would say no if anything it’s probably phosphorus excess since im seeing nitrogen toxicity waxiness in your leaves

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Can we get a close up and a different angle , it looks like something physical from here ,are your fans close to that area ? not sure ,

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She isn’t far from done and only planned on giving her food one or two more times. Should I just stop? She is furthest from the fan and the discoloration was directly under the light. I turned her to get a better color for picture

@Randy_Marsh @GreenSnek

She’s on the left up front.

Same plant, wrong pic

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The website where those charts came from with additional information is Nutrient Knowledge: Marijuana Plant Nutrient Deficiency & Excess Chart


Thank you @CMichGrower !

I’ll do a runoff tomorrow and test it as well. Just did that about 10 days ago and it was good but who knows yet

Oh geez if their that late into flower that’s just natural die off but you still need to cut back your nitrogen a bit otherwise they’re totally fine

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I was hoping thats it. She is a ww photo and is in week 8 of flower. 12 weeks above ground

I have been using the ff trio. Stopped using the grow big two weeks ago. Lots of N in that. But the tiger bloom is 2•8•4. Should I stop using that too?

Have you tried rising it with a sprayer ? Hand held

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Like, the leaves? Foliar spray?

Speaking of leaves, do need to defoliate more than I have been?