Leaf issue any ideas?

Started 2 Amnesia AF under 300W CFL’s in MG seed starter they are 1 week old from popping they were doing well till other day. Room temp is 77-80 F’ RH 60% 2-4 in intake and exhaust and 1 standing oscillating fan. I did think it was strange these 2 look nothing alike being 2 amnesia AF’s. Any clue what leaf issue i am having thank in advance

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Having you been spraying them with any kind of a foliar spray? What’s the PH of the water you’ve been giving them? Given any nutes?

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Im thinking ph as well @JediKnight
As @Rugar89 asked whst is ph of water your using

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Not spraying them at all the PH of the water i give them is 6.2 only Nutes i gave them was a Rooting nute 2ml per 1/2 gallon

how often are you watering?

pH or over watering would be my thoughts…their color looks a little washed out

watered twice since sprout ph is at 6.2-6.5 ill lay off the water for a week see if she recovers. Thanks

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Im sure you have drain holes in the bottom of those cups?
You also need them in the sides for more air flow. This will help the cups dry out faster to prevent mold and root-rot.

Yes most definitely big holes in bottom i am gonna transplant into cloth pots asap hopefully they will thrive afterward.