Leaf issue and question

I’ve got some rough looking leaves happening. Just a couple on each plant. The basics are I’m in happy frog, under a 600w led, first week of flower, and recently discovered my pH meter is shot and need a new one so…

It’s only on the lower growth and not spreading. I’m pretty sure it may have been a cal mag deficiency but just not enough experience to know for sure. Any ideas and should I be worried lol

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Do any of you guys have any suggestions for me on when to start nutes? Since the last pH meter crapped out on me I pretty much am lost at sea. Had a rough weekend where they got very, very dry due to a delay in getting home from a road trip. They have bounced back and the pics above show some old damaged leaves that appear to have had the rest of the green sucked out of them. I have a apera pH meter being delivered today and will be ready to correct things but I’m sort of at a loss of how to go about it at the moment. They are in happy soil, started 4/1 and flipped to flower about 8 days ago. Since I discovered my pH meter was crap, I’ve been alternating between plain water and water mixed with 5mL cal mag per gallon.

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I think you maybe right about a Cal-mag deficiency going on.

@Myfriendis410 what say you?


You need a TDS meter too. Do a runoff TDS and PH test and see what salts are present in the runoff. If runoff, for example is 650 ppm then yes you will add supplements. If the TDS of runoff is 3,000 ppm then NO.


I agree. TDS meter will really help.


Just remove those damaged leaves as well, will make you feel better not seeing unhealthy leaves.


Thanks fellas, I will do that next watering. My TDS meter seems to be working properly. I had to get the 50 bucks apera. I just couldn’t swing the extra hundred for the fancy one lol but the TDS meter has been solid so hopefully it still is. I have a theory that early on I was barely watering enough and due to that I simply didn’t use a lot of nutes from the original happy frog soil. I think that’s why they’ve shown signs of burn any time I added nutes. Well that and my first pH meter being off of course lol. But I suspect they are getting close to needing something. I will report back what I get and go from there.