Leaf hook - Thought I was past this

Howdy all,
I’m about a month and a couple weeks in on a new round in my tent.
Got 6 plants, 4 autos (2 cheese, 2 white widows), and 2 photos (Girl Scout Cookie Extreme). All are doing pretty well at the moment, but I am seeing some leaf curl on my eldest cheese plants and it’s got me scratching my head a little. I’ve had this problem in the past and have learned it’s usually over-fertilizing or over/underwatering, so I’ve been very careful this round hoping to avoid the dreaded curl. 4 of the six plaants are great. Doing what they should, but the cheese has begun showing the curl and I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. Keeping the watering very light, only when the plants need it. I held off on any fertilizer until the plants were about a month old and even then, I mixed at 1/4 strength, then diluted that by half when actually watering the plants. I’m in soil, 5X5 tent, 480 watt QB LED setup with the dimmer turned up a little over halfway (Lights are about 5 feet off the floor). Soil is the FoxFarms HF and OF mixd 50/50, then mixed 50/50 with peat moss, then perlite added… I’m on a well with a water conditioner. I’ve been using straight up water with a teaspoon of cal/mag PH’d to 6.5, the fert mix I mentioned above was 6.5 also.
So… it’s my 2 cheese autos that are showing th curl. The GSCE and white widows are doing fine. I’m keeping the watering way down compared to past grows and fert shouldn’t be an issue at the levels I applied. Any idea what might be responsible for the cheese plants and their curl? Seems to be a nagging issue with me growing so far. I’d love to identify what I’m doing wrrong so I can get past it. My grows should be great once that happens. Please see pics.

Here are the GSCE and White Widows… Doing fine.

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I don’t know what it is but tag some more experienced guys perhaps, @ mr peat or @blackthumbbetty

I’m pretty sure I figured out the problem. Answered it myself most likely. Turns out there was more nitrogen in the soil than I knew about. Plants looked fine until they began flowering, then first, the plants I was worried about, then the others began showing some signs, but not as bad. I’ve started a couple more autos that I know for certain have no additional nitrogen and the plants are a much lighter shade of green, indicating they’re not being burnt up from nitrogen. I think no one answered because I pretty much said what it looked like and ended up right. I think I’m doing a fine job learning how NOT to kill my plants. lol! No worries… I’m getting better. I didn’t have these problems growing outdoors. Just sun and water. Went a little overboard with the tent and now I’m going back to my outdoor ways, only this time, light and water. Thanks for responding. I appreciate that.