Leaf get some color

I should worry about this color on the leaf on my auto sour d in hpff she just 1week old

She’s outdoor cuz I don’t have space on my tent

It will be fine. It will grow out of it. You know that @Mefis you give this same advice every day

I know you know the evil of miracle grow so I know you don’t have nute problems so it’s the same old it has a blemish that it’ll grow out of
Unless I’m wrong then I’ll shut up

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I know at little but I don’t know if she strat ask for calmag

Can’t really say , looks ok

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@Randy_Marsh I think she bet water on the leaf of spider the other day I see I net I let her grown and later I go to cut the leaf, that how she look today

Fck I just look not long time she was fine and now mtf bird take one leaf

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Looks like plant was tried to get fimmed

Friggin birds

She get move tomorrow cuz is go to rain so I get some defoliation

Thanks all

Looks alil ugly at the moment but she’s doing good she will comeback better and bigger , the fim is pushing out already from last pic

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