Leaf edges curling up

The edges of the leaves are curling up on only one of my plants,the grow tent stays at a constant 73*,ph of soil is 6.5.I just started with the nutes and have only fed it will a tds of 350.does anyone know why only 1 plant is doing this

Believe it not by being hybrids , they can respond differently to nutrients and lights , so you might want to lower the ph on the one curling to 6.2 or 6.0 , could be in taking more nitrogen than other plants . But I’m not the expert , I had one do the same thing and took it out the tent and put it outside and it came alive , stop curling almost instantly in 3 hours the leaves was flying ?

Try rotating it directly under the lights ?

I’m gonna give it some 5.5ph water 9n the next feeding and try to bring the ph down.its “praying” to the light and everything I find says that means it happy with the environment I’ve provided but this plant did it once before this and just went away in like 2 or 3 days.just fed them yesterday so I guess I will wait it out until the next feeding and see if anything changes,I’ll also definitely try to get my ph right at 6.2,also don’t know the genetics,just a bag seed i got from a buddy

Temps and humidity could also play a part. Is the temp consistent, is that plant, especially at those leaves – maybe hotter or dryer, closer to the light/fan/etc?

It was farthest from the fan and my tent is a constant 73* during lights on and 69* with lights off.also the humidity went up from 50% to in the 70’s because of rain here,I’ve put it closer to the fan to see if that does anything for now

If I understand your description correctly, when the edges of the leaves are curling up it means the plant is trying to dissipate as much water as possible, but it is unable to. It is caused by either toxic salt buildup, lack of water, or heat stress. If there is a toxic salt build up (excessive nutrients) and the medium is not flushed, you could expect to see deficiencies soon. For example; a toxic buildup of phosphorus will manifest as a deficiency of zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium and copper. Majority of the time it will appear like a Zinc deficiency. Not all nutrients toxicities manifest as deficiencies of other nutrients. Nitrogen, calcium and sulfur do not, for example, manifest as a deficiency of other nutrients while phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc and manganese will.

True enough about the toxic salt buildup, But they said the tds of 350, I would agree, this number is probably not representative of what has built up in the soil.

It’s the first time I’ve given them nutrients in the water so that’s explanation is telling me that there is still enough nutes in the soil and I’m giving them too much when I added some to the water because my temp is consistent and it happened the day after I fed them

How old is the plant, and has he fed the 350 tds for every watering?

Ahh, my answer came in as I was typing :smile:

It has 7 nodes but I’m also using fox farms ocean forest so I think you hit the nail on the head

How many sets of leaves are on the plant?

And I gave it less than 1/4 strength of recommended dose because I wanted to gradually give it more nutes but I think I jumped the gun and started too soon