Leaf edges curling up a little

2 week old ILGM White Widow Autos 24" under a Sun System 315W LEC.
It’s not too hot. I’m running in the upper 70’s with rh about 50%.

Could my light’s intensity be causing this?
Something else?

Note: the two on the left were slower to pop and grow.

If you have a smart phone , you download a free light meter app that will help you know where your lights are putting out the more lumens . Maybe you should rotate them around ah little to help the slow guys catch up , are they might be building roots . If you don’t see nothing happening above the soil , means something is happening beneath the soil !

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Any app recommendations for an Android?
What reading is considered good to very good? Is there a reading that is too high?

Shred this is a few option , I used the second one from the top with the fuel meter looking symbol , and yes for android , I have the Galaxy S6 Active , but it’s android operating system free apps . It really help me learn where the most intensity of my light lumen were from 12 in , 18 in , 24 in , up to 32 inches is about my max height .

Thanks yoshi. I’ve downloaded a few. Kinda cool but I’m not sure what the numbers mean and that there is a lot more to it than raw lux numbers.

You see the one that says installed on the right hand side in the photo , it’s the one I used and it does measure par lumens , I have a max reading of 64,860 lumens dead center with light on full spectrum on both switches at 20 inches from canopy using Led .

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Cal-mag def early stage check root ph could possibly be to low? just a guess lol but check your run off ph if it’s lower than 6.2 would be my first suspect

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My leaf tips are light brown any body know what’s up on amnesia haze. 3rd week flower stage

Could likely be due to phosphorus

Thanks bro exactly what it is thanks a lot!

Yup not a problem I’m glad that’s what it was happy I could help :smile:

Hey magik, in budding stage amnesia haze I have low ph 5.0 how should I raise it one is 5.5 other is 5.0 plants look good one buds are harder than other. Should I raise ph and with what. In soil. Thanks

Use ph up, here are other alternatives with a ph chart. I’d highly recommend testing solution before giving it to you plnats though so you know it’s right. Hope these charts help buddy happy growing to you

In soil your ph is 1.3-1.8 out of range that’s a huge difference and get that fixed asap or it will result badly, also yes raise your ph meet in the middle at 6.5