Leaf diagnosis for new grower

Hi I am a new indoor grower and my plant has a 2 tone leaf pattern and the leaves feel dry like paper. I started with 3 and the seeds pretty much dried out on the paper towel in 35c 95f heat. I wet and planted them anyway The first 2 that had germinated died, but Big Bud had not germinated on the paper towel so it popped up in the plug/ rooter. I potted it and feed with full strength nutes and killed what little root system i had. Hydro shop guy said spray with Calmag 2ml per litre. 8 to 10 days later it started growing again on half strength nutes for 2 weeks until this leaf deficiency came up i went to full strength. I started another 2 super skunk and 1 Gold leaf in anticipation of BB demise.
Any diagnosis with this problem would be greatly appreciated

Strain; Type, Bag seed, - ILGM Big Bud germinated from seed, 6 weeks old

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?- Rocket/ Air pot in Coco

System type? Hand water in pots in small room 1.7m x 1.7m 6x6 feet insulated coldroom walls

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? watered with PH 6. runoff is 6.5

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS! Coco grow A and B, Cal mag, root stimulaor all 2ml per litre

Indoor or Outdoor- Indoor

Light system, size? just moved to 600w hps had been under 48w fluro growlight from seed

Temps; Day temp around 25- 26c, 77f, Night temp 21c 70f

Humidity; Day 60 to 80%, Night 60 to 80% has been up to 94%

Ventilation system; Yes 6 inch/ 150 mm on 25% 24/7
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, No

Co2; ,No


@macca check out this chart. You may want to take some pix in natural light. Ill take some experts over… @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @dbrn32 @bob31


@ a glance, looks like it could be issue with N… byt lets wait for the others to chime in


I’m flattered, but I don’t belong in up there with those guys lol. Especially for stuff like this.

Ph seems high though. What are you using for water @macca?


@dbrn32 well, more eyes looking then!


Thanks Velcro
I will go get some more pics before light comes on
Tap water dbrn32
cheers for the reply guys


@macca my tap water from the city comes out rather high… somewhere between 8 and 9 ph. If you are not checking that water you may have issue. If you have been checking, maybe your meter is off


I was just going to mention what @VelcroThumb did, and ask if you were on a well or had municipal water?

If you have municipal or city water, it’s usually treated with chlorine or chloramine. Both are harmful if appropriate measures aren’t taken.


@macca if using city water with chlorine, its best to let it sit out for 24 hours prior to using


Hey guys I forgot to mention Im in Brisbane Australia
The guy from local hydro shop says tap water here is ok to use, just have to PH to 6, but then again he said it was too much water, which I disagree
what do i do to the tap water to make it ok?
Here are some more pics, purple stems? does not look as bad with light from phone, I will take fluorescent light in for better pics


@macca It isn’t too much water.

Lets take another look at your growing medium. Can you post the ingredients list from the bag?

And to clarify you are growing with a growing medium in cloth grow bags, correct?


I think you may have already resolved the problem partially by going full nutrients as there is probably no nutrients in that growing medium (coco)


anyone willing to offer suggestion with a grasp of proper ph levels is more than welcome to join us in tags :wink: never discount your skills being invited to a topic is also a way to learn and or confirm your grasp of basics :slight_smile:

Ph is out should be watering at 5.5 to get run off back into range.
Adding Cal-mag with ph out won’t help also a TDS/PPM or EC would be best way to know if you are feeding enough but if you are adding 2ml per Litre of each should be close?
Coco should be treated like hydro so lower target ph


I see its best to let it sit out for 24 hours prior to using thanks velcro
Hi Bob
Here’s a pic of the bags ingredients and the pots are plastic. 5 litre 1.?gal rocket pots I’m about to move into 33 Litre 8.7 gal rocket pot
I think your right with that Bob I went too long on half strength with no fertilizer in the coco. I was just in there and it does not look as bad now and leaves feel a bit softer
I did flush it with 4 litres 1 gallon? of Ph 6 water 2 days ago and got 6.5 PH runoff
Cheers Donald I will do that tomorow. An EC and PH meter is my next buy,just using PH drops from bottle. what am I looking for in EC readings?
Also should I turn the light down to 400w at this stage. its brand new 600w puts out some heat! At least its keeping humidity down. this reading 28.5c /83f at 12.32am with 20c/ 68f outside at approx 800 mm/ 2.6 feet from plants. I may have to increase fan but i like to keep noise down and prepare them for the up coming summer

Thanks guys for the reply’s


May be a long read but you will certainly learn lots from it feel free to tag me if you have questions after reading. There won’t be a test :wink:


I appreciate that, It’s a great feeling to know that other members value my ideas and opinions. At the same time, I’m also humble enough to realize I don’t have quite the knowledge that you guys do.

In this case I didn’t feel it was difficult to identify the ph as the most likely culprit. I just wasn’t as sure about the best course of action to correct it. I was thinking to myself that a heavy watering in 5.0-5.2 range would get it close to range. But without being certain I feel I was better off waiting for one of you guys with more coco experience. I’m always willing to help, just want to make sure I’m indeed helping rather than the opposite.


As a teaching forum results are the product of multiple opinions and ideas shared details noticed most of the senior members on site started off with limited experience or as 1 trick ponies. You become well rounded by being willing to learn and that every thread person and growing system has info that can be useful and an opertunity to develop and grow as both a person and a grower, a community is comprised of its members not just it’s administrators :wink:


Well said :clap:t2: and so very true. I started out just reading about outdoor soil growing and quickly realized I was actually comprehending more by reading about other mediums and grow systems.


@macca I would suggest it’s either a potassium deficiency or a magnesium deficiency

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Thanks for everybody’s advice. Looks like it has resolved itself.
Yes long read but very informative. Next grow im going hydro the coco is ok, its just messy
Donald that’s an awesome looking shed you’ve built there. And great buds too. I love seeing the work involved just as much as the plants