Leaf damage cause?

Several of the leaves on one of my larger plants look like this. Too much fertilizer? Light? Heat? Humidity? This is my first grow. I have been using fox farms trio at half strength. 52 days into a likely 70 - 75 day harvest.

Hard to tell anything from a pic of a lone leaf.


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As stated above we need better pics and a whole plant pic with more information


I have had 5 or 6 leaves on one plant turn Yellow and brown. Pulled them off. Someone commented my leaves were dark green and getting too much nitrogen. 54 days into gorilla glue auto tent grow. ILGM seeds say 70 - 75 days until harvest. So, since I am likely only 2 or 3 weeks away, I am going to just use water with no fertilizer. Does that sound reasonable? My first grow and just trying to have plants survive and produce something usable. Any comments welcome.

The plant usually go longer than a breeders time frame due to your grow isn’t the same as theirs …
Always expect at least a few weeks to a month longer
Keep checking trichomes and watching for the buds to really swell …if you chop it early you will miss the last stage of flower production which is when they really put it on
Just my opinion

I will harvest when the plant tells me to harvest. The 70 - 75 days is what ILGM said is typical. They also said some can go as long as 90 days. 90 days is a must harvest because leaving out of town for 10 days. J

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Looks like phosphorus deficiency, but the very circular spots make it look more like a pH issue caused the deficiency. So short of filling out a ticket. What’s your medium, nutrients, intake ppm and pH?
Not gonna ask run off, since it’s pretty rare if you keep up with the latter it would ever look like that.

Oh no. I looked again. Yes full plant picture required. Because it also looks like possible… I can’t remember the name. But it’s caused from soil being too wet too long. It’s a fungus that starts down there and then up.

**Verticillium Wilt

Growing in cloth 3 gallon pots, Coco. Started off not watering enough. Soon realized coco was closer to a hydro grow. Most said it was impossible to overwater. Been watering heavy once a day in morning. Dry by the next morning.

You probably have channels (think of rivers going to the ocean from the top of a mountain) from underwatering then. What you’ll have to do is slowly soak your pots untill water is dripping from the bottom. Across the bottom. And if you don’t do this with feed and proper pH. You’re gonna have to use more than 2x the weight of the coco in nutrient filled, proper pH balanced water to replace the empty water. Coco should be watered to run off every single day with full strength nutrients adjusted to 5.6-5.8. your plant looks like it’s been grown in depleted soil. So I see the issue. It’s not closer to hydroponic. It IS hydroponic. Coco is innert unless it’s reused.

When it’s reused it’s no longer all coco. Roots.

I have not been looking at PH. Thought if I just used distilled water I would be fine. The last week I have been using the water from my dehumidifier. I thought it would be neutral. Just took a PH reading of 4.

pH is required for nutrient uptake. Coco being innert. I’m guessing you don’t know the meaning of the word innert.




  1. lacking the ability or strength to move.

“she lay inert in her bed”












out cold






















  • lacking vigor.

“an inert political system”

  • chemically inactive.

Meaning. In coco coir. Your plants only get exactly what you give them every single day. And you have to adjust the pH because unlike soil. There’s no lime or anything in there to potentially buffer it. And when you add nutrients to distilled water it usually plumits it down into the 4s. Distilled water takes on the pH of the medium. And is fine for use with no adjustments in last two weeks with nothing. But every single other day of a grow in coco is a day they need water with nutrients added then after everything is fully mixed. It needs pH adjusted. Then given to plants.

Read this. Hit summarize and it’s a short read that will cover everything. Scroll up a tad once it loads.

Went out of town for 2 days and plants didn’t get watered. Soaked heavy today. Much more leaf damage.

57 days into auto, fem, Gorilla glue, coco, leds about 250 watts, tent, sog,