Leaf curl on new growth

I’m growing in soil. 8 plants of which 3 (gold leaf) have leaf curl on new growth. I live in Texas so heat and humidity are a struggle. All 8 receive the same water and very very light nutes. The soil they are in is a heavy soil but I make sure it’s dry before I water. I’ve been watering ever Tuesday and Saturday.

Look like they are getting to hot by the looks of the leaves.

That’s what I’m thinking. Its been super hot here and raining for last week so humidity has been running between 60 to +70%. Temps in high 70’s and 80’s in my closet. Going to invest in a dehumidifier this week. Soil pH is 6.2 I watered today pH was 6.0

How close is your light

24 inches running 1000w led’s.

That’s too close a light. Mine did it too


I’ve got 3 banana kush that are taller than the gold leaf at 18 inches but they aren’t curling.

They also look a little big for ‘very light nutes’. They may be hungry.

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I live in Texas too. Heat and humidity are your likely culprits. . Leaf margins will curl when humidity is to low and/or temp is to high.
You never said what your temp and humidity actually was.

Is your Humidity below 30% and temp above 85°? If this is the case i guarantee you that temp and humidity are your problem. Even an 80/40 will help substantially.

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He said 60-70% humidity.

Missed that sorry.

Are you getting fluctuations or something coz those numberss aren’t to bad.?

No it’s just been very hot and humid outside So that makes it very hot and humid in my closet.

I’ve given them 1 flush with plain water and will again on next watering day.

can you show us a pic of your entire set-up?

It’s the heat almost certainly @Grinder0327. I’m a Texan myself and have trouble keeping my temps below 80 even though I’m running AC day and night. Try to get the temps down or you can have airy buds

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That’s what im thinking. We finally got a cool front today in N Texas so It will make it easier to control. My wife said she looked in on my plants at one point this week when I was at work and said it 90 degrees in my closet. even with AC going in the house when you close that closet up for night night time it still gets hot and humid.

Got to get that 90° down. I was running in the high 80s when I harvested three White Widow autos several weeks ago. All 3 had really airy buds.


It sounds like the heat is your biggest issue
90 degrees will actually make them take up more water and nutrients

What type of exhaust and intake set up are you working with
In flower you want to be in the 40-50 % humidity range high humidity will definitely effect the density of the bud
I like to have my temps in the 65-70 degree range in late flower as well