Leaf curl help please

Hello everyone again.
First let me say everyone here is so helpful and I’ve come again for all your knowledge.
The plants in the pics are white widow auto growing in fox farm ocean forest,coco and perlite.
Temps around 73f with light on and 68f when light is off water with 6.5ph
Lightning is a mars 1200w pro 2 only with veg on it hangs at 26in above plant. My question is why are my leaves curling on the tips and turning white plants just started on week 2
Thank you again

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What is the humidity and temperature in your grow space? Do the plants get a breeze at all? From the looks of the curling margins, they look either thirsty or it’s not humid enough in there. Make sure you give them a gentle breeze, just enough to make them slightly wiggle, to help strengthen the stems.


Temps are 73F with light on and 68F when off
RH 50-55
I did just cut back on watering though I might be over watering and yes I do have small fan in with them. thank you

You could put a dome over them and see if the margins relax some, but those numbers look good.

I’d like to see that up by 5 degrees.

You might want to keep under a dome for a bit longer to up the RH.

Other than that; looking just fine.