Leaf curl? Any ideas?

So i checked on my plants and the leafs seemed to do this over night. I watered thinking maybe just dry. But they are still like this a day later. Any ideas on whats going on? I always ph my water down to 6.5 and feed about half the recommended furtilizer.20190212_194416|374x500

i couldnt view the pic. do u read the ph of the runoff

ok nm i seen it

No ive never check the run off. i try not to water them to much where there is even a measurable amout of run off

several things that caused that for me was either overwater, over feeding or ph out of wack. u can give it ph’d water or nutes but if salts build up it will lower the ph thats y i check the runoff

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i was giving it ph’d nutes at 6.6 but i fed it several times in a row and didnt check the runoff and when i did it was at 5.5 cause of built up salts from the nutrients so i started always checking the runoff

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I will check run off next time i water. Im sure i didn’t over water. Im good about letting the soil dry out before i water. Thanks for the input!

thats good. yea let the soil dry but not all the way then water till u have runoff and check that. that may be the issue. happens easily

Im defiantly gonna do that and see what i come up with!

ok. keep me posted

I will for sure!

Your plants are plenty big enough to water til runoff, just let them dry out before watering again. The leaves you’re seeing appear to be showing nitrogen toxicity.