Leaf Colour: Light Green!?!?!? Help

Hi All,

I thank you in advance your help!

I have noticed that 1 week into my seedlings, the colour of the leaves are a light green?

Picture of this plant:

Is this normal or a bad sign?

Grow info:
4" intake and exhaust inline with carbon filters
4x4x6.5 tent
Oscillating fan
2 x humidifiers to ensure 70% RH
2000W LED COB at 40" away as per manual

Thanks in advance again as I am worried that she is pale as compared to forest green I am used to seeing…


Is normal. Newer growth will pick up a more green color as the plant ages.


Shes a little beautie.
All looks good…

Looks a ok to me.

You can just put a clear dome over the seedling to keep RH up. A few sprays inside the dome each day are all they need for a week or so.

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So nice. Great start looks good.

Thank you all!

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