Leaf bowl trimmer :(

So I bought one of those VIVOSUN 16" trimmer spinners.

I trimmed my first plant by hand. Wet trimmed the fan leaves, then dry trimmed the rest several days later before putting them in their jars.

For the second one, I hung it up without wet trimming it, then put it in the salad spinner for the trim after about 9 days.

What I got back was a ton of sticky shake. All my buds were obliterated in about 25 turns. The grate is sticky, the bowl is sticky, the house reeks of terpenes (getting a lot of grief about that), and my plant was turned into mulch. So now the small fan leaves are in the mix.

WTH? Is it me? Is this a thing with these trimmers? Did I not dry them enough?

It only happened this morning. I have yet to rationalize this bitter experience to make it better.

If the flower broke apart so easily, then it more likely a symptom of being over-dried rather than not dry enough.

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My bowl trimmer came with a sharp blade for wet trimming which worked great the other blade is serrated. Did you use the serrated blade on your partially dry buds ?? 25 turns seems like a lot to me. I have only used my trimmer twice. The instructions say 15 to 30 turns, however I find about 12 in one direction and about 5 or 6 the opposite directions works great. Looking at your situation you now have a lot of “trim” that also smokes pretty darn good. Best of luck. Keep trying you will get it figured out.