Leaf Bowl Trimmer?

is it better to trim the old fashion way or use a Leaf Bowl Trimmer? just looking for some feed back. and if Leaf Bowl Trimmer is the way to go, what is a good one to buy?

It’s all a personal preference. A lot of people do a little of both. @merlin44 has a bowl trimmer.


Bowl trimmers work well and save loads of time but in saying that you do lose a lil bit but what you lose you can make butter or whatever u like. it really depends on how much you have if u have loads u dont mind losing a bit but if u only have enough for personal id scissor trim otherwise bowl ftw :slight_smile: happy growing


I use a bowl trimmer on anything I don’t feel deserves hand trimming.

Never put anything pretty thru it!! EVER!!! You will be disappointed!


I prefer to hand trim my regular harvests but use a bowl trimmer to save time for my outdoor fall harvests - and yes as others have said you lose more and it’s not as pretty but if you have tons (well pounds) of weed to trim then it’s the only way for me to get it done. Best of luck to you on your finished product. :+1:t3::deciduous_tree::blush:


Bowl trimmers work great will take a 2 hour job and make it 5 minutes but i would only ise it on larfy buds or buds that im gonna exytact or turn to edibles somehow. The bowl leaves a faor amoint of leafage of the bud and does make the bud look a fair bit ttashed and mangled. Now if u jave a 40x30 room to trim at once the bowl trimmer will be ur best friend lol. No shit


thank you all for the valuable feed back !