Leaf abnormalities in vegetative state

What is this leaf bend
July 24

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Looks like it could be tobacco mosaic virus.

That happens occasionally. I have a couple on one of mine now. You do have some signs of deficiency showing…

What sort of deficiency, may I ask your opinion. Thanks.

Possibly a magnesium deficiency. But with that coloring and the curl, it looks just like tobacco mosaic virus. Do you use tobacco?

No, and none around area, I thought just a nitrogen deficiency. I don’t have friends who use tobacco either. Strange.

I’m guessing magnesium. Cal mag per the package instructions.


Very. At any rate, are you feeding cal mag? What type of water and what pH?

Jinx @Myfriendis410

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I believe it’s a magnesium deficiency. I need to water with 10 gallons on my 100 gallon cloth pots. My smaller 20 gallon pot is getting enough nutrients with a two gallon feeding, so a ten gallon feeding on larger pot should clear up problem.

Whatever it is, it’s pretty early so good you caught it now.

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