Lazy Organic Grow set up suggestions

I won’t be starting my next run for a few months but want to start researching now. I’m using bottled AN nutes now and while it’s been easy in terms of issues with the plants, it is labor intensive with no idea how i’m going to be able to leave town. I also want the next run to be organic.

What’s the least labor intensive organic method you’ve encountered? Is it possible to do autopots or some sort of hydro (haven’t read on hydro methods yet at all) that would allow me to get away for a few days? I may also have a remote spot to set up in and would love to not have to go every day.

Thanks in advance.


I would likely say hydro is out if wanting to stay organic. They are not really compatible. Soil is the easiest and a big pot means a big reservoir of moisture. I run into this too and up until now have had a warm body to do the watering. That said: a simple timer, small pump and a large standing reservoir of R/O water (very important to have 0 TDS water) and Bob’s your Uncle.


Check into a kind soil grow. Quite a few people doing that now. That will be my next endeavor. Just 1lb kind soil per pot gallon (5lbs kind soil for 5 gallon pot) topped with roots organic or coco loco. And just water only. No watering to runoff, no nutes, no ph’ing water (unless your water is below 6.3 or above 7.0)

But keep in mind, max veg for kind soil is 2.5 months in 5gal. So if you’re going outdoor you’ll want to time that accordingly


this is definitely on my list. do you know if this can be done with autopots? i bet not since it’s watered from the bottom… also saw some legit concerns for doing this outdoors. this year will determine if i ever do another outdoor grow (i.e. if I have my heart broken) but i am curious. seems a few good rains would leach everything out. though i suppose you could transplant?

for inside, this would be great with what… blue mat or some sort of emitter system?

Lot of good folks have fantastic results with the Kind Soil growing.

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my local hydro store also recommended I look at this. i’ve done zero research on it so far.

seems like these super soils would do really well in a SOG setup.