Laying here pain i need stronger strain

Well as yous all know ive been in a lot of pain due yo my stomach and my back well i got my stomach sorted and now my back is getting fixed om doing physio and hydro therapy and its been going great well today i got a two needles in my spine on the epidural area in a spine they gave me cortisone steroids and now im laying here so sore ive had my herbs and still having my herbs but this isnt helping much i wish mu gorilla glue was ready to smoke i need hi THC at the moment i may have have my palexia tablet this needle is supposed to give me three months of pain free hopefully anyway thats my rant im going back to smoke bong bye guys


Hope you find some relief soon. I have chronic back pain too and take Norco for it.
I find cannabis can actually makes it worse. Some people find pain relief using cannabis but I apparently am not one of them. I find a little Blue Dream/Harlequin mix in my vape just before bed helps me sleep through the night. Not from pain relief, but just from making me sleepy.

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Cannabis normally helps me but after getting those needles its just not doing much

Back pain sucks. My doctor wants to do a nerve ablation, which is basically burning the nerves in my lower back do deaden the pain. I have put that off for now as I don’t want to do further damage from not feeling the pain at all. At this point with the meds and weed I can function.

I hope those shots work for ya. I had 3 rounds of them and they only lasted about 4-5 days each. Surgery time now and I’m not happy about it. My gorilla glue seemed to help a lot but I’ve been out of it for a while. The 2nd best for me is Dutch passion mazar

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Ive had the shot before but up abit higher in the back and it did nothing for me all i got from it was more pain and more pain down my legs .i will see in a few days after it settles down

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I hope you get some relief, sometimes it takes 3-4 days to chill out

Back pain is the worst. Do you have any concentrates about? Might be a good alternative to that GG.


I really hope that shot works for you , for me…i was sore for 3 days after the shot …then 2 weeks later , the pain was back just as strong as it ever was. They did the same shot in my neck , no luck there either. There are quite a few very strong strains to help , go to the ilgm site and in the menu look for high thc. There are even mix packs to get 3 strains of nice medicinal help. Good luck growing .

Yah i have rso oil and i have three different strength gummies


I am feeling your pain from down under. I worked 3 hours in garden with Mantis tiller, DR Trimmer. planted sweet taters and made a herb,flower area. I find oil works best for chronic back pain ,I have had all which you have mentioned done to me, none lasted more than a week or two. @Aussie_autos I believe I have offered my body up to every thing to fight pain. Working in my garden ,smoking a joint at the same time ,sitting in the sun like a great old gator soaking up rays . all this helps me move better Winter is hell, it is done. Tons of Prayers and much Love from my Bride helps my walk. I move slowly in the garden no running haha Pax brother

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Hope it starts to work soon.

Rso oil. Concentrates. Kushes.

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Between gg harvests i make strong oils from whatever else i grew. Concentrated like that any decent strain helps. Going to try growing the high thc/cbd strain. Forgot the name. It is a cream something.


Today I decarbed 2 oz of mixed shake of Mentos and Daiquri after it was done cooled off. Put some in a king cone. Smoked it very smooth, hit nice arhutrsis pain disappeared OA I have all over. I cant believe it @Storm @beachglass @Storm @Ynotfish @Pinboy @Newt


I am now drying some purple kush. One was ready to get jarred. My wife was able to eat and function today.
We smoked a tester. She said it was the best for her pain. Can’t wait for it to cure.
So far I have grown her GSCE, OG Kush, Fire OG, Skywalker OG,Platinum Cookies, and Blue Dream.
Skywalker is her second choice for pain.


Hope ya get some relief broth!

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Nice @spudeater65 i wish it happens like that for me .I’m going to make a better infused coconut oil soon


I play around ,read about the effècts of the strains I am growing . Then like a mad sceitsisct. I mix up batches based on pain relief and arthursis pain relief. SOMETIMES i hit à good mix
Now last night smoked a king cone and my OA PAIN WAS LESS THAN 40% BRO TRY TO GROW mentos & daiquri they are a godsend for me.@JaneQP @Newt@Audiofreak @beachglass @Pinboy @VaHillbilly @Nicky @noddykitty1 Processing: 16530486265128714322659256668775.jpg…
Does decarbing weed make it stronger? I know this stuff is smoother. My black cherry gummie bears

My Mentos buds drying


Keep on growing what works for you @spudeater65 . Glad it helped.