Layered growth media- coco coir over soil.. why

just curious as to why layer coir and soil… next grow i plan to use ffof topped with a layer of coir like p for p kit. any thoughts, recommendations? also is 30% perlite by volumn or weight? problems i’ve had with my first grow were underwatering combined with lack of nutes. ec meter and GOOD ph meter combined with expert guidance here got me back on track… in day 34 of ww auto (ilgm) grow in tent. it’s been 35 years since i was a purveyor of mirth and merriment, but never a farmer. just pure blind luck for me finding this site, cocomm4

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I recommend choosing one medium or another, but not mixing more than 30% coco into any soil.


@Covertgrower thanks for the quick reply. that said, i like the idea of using a single system…ie, like ff. well maybe with some cal-mag. cocomm4

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