Layer of sand on top of canabis

Hi family i have been in a heavyweight fight with fungus nats. I read also that you can put a 1/4 in to 1/2 in layer of playground sand on top of your. They would have difficulty laying eggs or even larvae would be sliced up because the grainy sharpness of the sand would destroy there soft bodies. One question how do you water your girls.

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People use diatomaceous earth for this. It has sharper, microscopic edges that take care of the gnats and larvae.

Cannabis like wet and dry cycles. You should water a mature plant to runoff and then let the soil dry out between waterings.


Ok thanks a lot im ordering it now.

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I only grow in water…
No bugs to deal with… :shushing_face::thinking::face_with_monocle::grin::+1::wink::green_heart:
But if in soil , definitely get some de…
But stop overwatering also… :+1::wink:



I know overwatering can a problem for the girls but i promise you im guilty of underwatering fungus gnats are just very opportunistic little bastards. But i got u dont overwater. Ten four


I put up a sticky trap for any pesky flying insects it really helped.

Add a few drops of this to your water/feed every time, add some yellow sticky traps and bye bye gnats. Works for me every time


Wtf are those monsters stuck to the traps ??

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They are what I call mud dobbers, no threat to the plants but make a mess build mud houses to lay their eggs. Lol
They are everywhere in NE Texas


Im a rookie but i knew some about the danger certain pest can cause your plant. I always despised all gnats and flys. There is also pest out to ruin your plants and your life. I aint going out without a fight so if pest can hear stay away from this house because i am going to kill you :grin:

In Mississippi they call em Dirt Dobbers

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Yes that to. :grinning:

Put DE in a foot powder bottle, you can just dust the top, gives you a little control over powder.

Yes you a right i ordered those also De. Its amazing how much you have to learn in order to even be a moderate grower. But it is fun im on my pest learning stage they all are little bastards. Except our little friends that like to eat those A holes.

Great advised

Keep it simple, have see pot growing out of a crack in a sidewalk!

This is why I run a fan across the tops of my my pots to dry out the top layer of soil quickly. Fungus gnats don’t wanna go very deep so getting the top inch or so to dry out quick really helps


Used a watering can for a long time but recently ran a garden hose from my mechanical room where the water tap is To my grow room so now I use a hose nozzle unless I’m feeding a liquid which I’ll mix in a gallon water jug and water from there.

Outdoors I just use a hose nozzle.

Quantity I start with 20% of the container volume and see if it needs more.

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I water them when the pot is light in weight which usually every 2 to 3 days. Im glad you said that about the fan over soil because i just started doing that it is only common sense but it helps.