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Hello everyone!!!

Hot on the heels of my first grow in seventeen years I bring you my second.
Whereas I purchased seeds from ILGM for my last grow I didn’t for this one.

I wanted a couple of different strains to grow this time that ILGM did not carry.

I’ll be growing Ayahuasca Purple from Barney’s Farm and Sugar Candy from Delicious Seeds.

Ayahuasca Purple has THC percentages in the low twenties and Sugar Candy in the mid twenties so this will be interesting.:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll also be growing Blueberry by Canuck Seeds that was given as a freebie.

A total of seven plants in my 5 X 5 tent as opposed to the six from my last grow.

I’m also making a light change. Ill be replacing the Optic 6 I used on my last grow with a 630 watt CMH using one 3000K and one 4200K bulb. I’ll then use one two COB fixture on each side of the CMH fixture.
This should create some extremely high PAR numbers.

I have the seeds planted in Jiffy pellets and are in the germination chamber on a heat mat.

Everyone have a great rest of the day!!!




Got me set to watching!

The only thing I’m wondering is if maybe the cobs wouldn’t be better more in the corners? Probably too early to tell, and depends a lot on hood. But I’m sure you’ll figure it out when time comes.



Yes, I have the single Cree CXB3590 COB from my last grow plus another one utilizing the same Cree board that I just bought that I’ll be putting in the corners if needed.


Set to watching @Alton66 thanks fo posting another grow!

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awesome @Alton66 ! i’m ready to see how these different strains grow!


Sounds like you have it covered! What sparked the move away from the optic light?


Thanks for tagging me in :hugs:. I’m set to watching :grimacing:



I’ve been reading about the high canopy penetration and impressive yields that have been grown from using CMH lighting.

I’m moving the Optic 6 to a 96 X 48 x 78 inch tent I’m setting up in another room. I’ll be using one 315 watt CMH fixture on each side of the Optic 6.


Gotcha. You have the de 630 or the dual 315 bulbs?

I haven’t seen par levels on the dual 315’s, but I’m pretty sure ppf of the de 630 was around 1150 umols. Sound about right? Couldn’t find sphere measurement for the optic though


I’ll be watching good luck! I tagged you over to my first grow it’s probably good for a laugh.


@Alton66 hey thanks for the tag.:+1: already like the top secret launch controls :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Good Saturday afternoon to everyone!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

About an hour ago I transplanted the three Sugar Candy seedlings and one Ayahuasca Purple.

The other two Ayahuasca Purple seedlings were not viable so I pulled them and replanted two more seeds yesterday morning.

The Blueberry seed that was a freebie sprouted but was also not viable so I replanted another free seed in its place. It’s a cross of Bueberry and White Widow.
We shall see what happens.

Here’s a couple of photos I just took of where I’m at so far.

Everyone have a beautiful and blessed weekend.:pray::slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Currently in the launch bunker working on things.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:image


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Things are going well here.

As I talked about earlier some of the seeds were not viable so I had to plant a few more.

I received two free seeds with my order. The first one , blueberry germinated but had no cotyledon leaves so I had to terminate it. I planted a White Widow X Big Bud seed that was the other free one and that one did germinate.
That one came from and it appears to be a pretty popular cross in Europe so I’m excited to grow it.
Two of the Ayahuasca Purples also did not germinate so I had to replant. I had success with those also so now we’re set at seven plants for this grow.

I’m keeping the humidity level at approx. eighty percent which is recommended for young seedling growth.

Here’s a couple of photos of where the seedlings are at so far.

I’ll update shortly.

Everyone have a beautiful and blessed rest of your day!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


And they’re off to the races @Alton66



They sure are my friend!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


We have “lift off” :grinning::v:



Yes we do indeed.:grinning::+1:

Good afternoon everyone!!!

Updating with a photo of the seedlings under one of my dimmable COB fixtures.

I’v added Re-Charge brand mycorrhizae and a bit of Cal-Mag. The Cal-Mag is added due to using distilled water.

Have a beautiful and blessed rest of your day!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1: