Lattitudes' 2nd "Shot In The Dark"

Hi guys (and gals)!.. This is my 2nd grow, but first I’d like to thank the folks that seriously helped me out on the first one…

@MeEasy @PP3121 @Nicky @Jake3 @pillsbury @Underthestairs @HappyGoLucky21 @ihays789 @moonmouse @Mark0427 … Man, you guys helped me immensely! And a big “Muchas Gracias!” to each of you!.. Thanks again! :beers: … My yield wasn’t great (about 5oz total) but I did discard a good bit of trim…

OK… On to my 2nd grow… I’ll call it my “Cinco De Mayo Grow”. LoL!.. :rofl:

As some may remember, I’m definitely a “small-time amateur doing small-time grows” with zero experience but value every comment/suggestion y’all have for me because this forum is absolutely fantastic!.. This time I decided to do a bit of “experimentation” along the way with regards to soil and trimming even if it results in lost product (Man, I see pics of just solid buds growing from the stalk with zero leaves and I want to replicate it somehow. LoL!)… I was gonna do a Grow Journal, but decided to save that for my fall grow later this year if my heart and soul isn’t crushed from this attempt. Ha!

So here’s the details:

  • 2 strains: Gelato Auto, OG Kush Auto.
  • Seeds from ILGM.
  • At posting: 39 days from sprout for Gelato, 32 days for Kush… Still young.
  • 24"x24"x55" Marshydro tent. (space is at a premium for me)
  • Upgraded to Infinity Cloudline T4 4" variable speed ducted fan.
  • Upgraded to BP3000 grow light.
  • 2 6" fans (top & bottom)
  • Bergman Plant Food - Following feeding schedule.
  • P4P Superb Soil kit mixed with all sorts of stuff (yea, getting creative).
  • Using bottled N Carolina mountain spring water with a ph of 6.
  • Don’t really monitor ph.
  • Humidity slightly variable between 40-50%.

… I love to cook. I’m a “mad scientist” in the kitchen with the spices. LoL!.. So I decided to carry that over and try a variation on the soil mix (a little of this, a little of that), but still using the Bergman Plant Food…


… My grow area is limited due to space, but I had a separate area for the seedlings in the “Jiffy Pots” in the closet, then moved to the grow tent… I then also moved them directly to a large pot… I’ve read contradicting info as to whether to do this or not, but it was said that Autos can deal with it easier. I really don’t know but have tried it, and it seemed to work well…

… Ventilating tent and keeping temp/humidity fairly constant…

… One of the things I’ve done that may be “against the norm” (I really don’t know) is trimming the fan leaves and plants in general. I’ve kept them rather well-trimmed and they have always grown back with robust vigor!..

Trimmed at 4 weeks:

The ladies today at time of posting this thread (39 days).
… Just a third of the way through the journey lookin’ good!:

… So the big question is; “What can I do better or differently?”… Y’all have been fantastic in providing advice… I took it all to heart and upgraded my equipment and tactics (even though this is an experiment) as suggested because you guys know a helluva lot more than I do…

… I figure I’ll be going into flowering soon (Gelato looks to already be there)… I can dial-up the light to a bit stronger level, but the temp is a problem if I want to keep it under 85F… Should I go to 12/12 on the light at this point or does it even matter with Autos?

Any and all suggestions are welcome so please help me out… It’s not “what” I screwed up, but when and how much I screwed up… Ha!
… Cheers everyone!.. Take care… Be safe… Have fun!.. :sunglasses:


I believe you said they’re autos so no on the light schedule change, I keep my autos on a 18/6 schedule from day one to the end. I’ve been hearing about doing them on a 6/2 schedule and might try it sometime. They look good :+1: the one on the left is in full bloom 4sure the other one is looking like it’s about to go if it isn’t already.

I have a read for you on defoliation if you’re interested. I think defoliation affects your yield alot but it can go both ways. I read this lady’s stuff and started following her timing and I think it has helped my plants. It could be in my head but the proof is in the jars. Anyway search for " Nebulahaze defoliation " there’s a couple of them to read.

Edit = I wanted to add that my experience with defoliation has been with photoperiod plants, I just started playing with autos and will have to try different training and defoliation techniques with them


Nice to be along for the ride.

Well said above. I did learn hands on during this grow, as I approach the finish line, how different autos and photos can be. Make sure whatever techniques, tactics, or recipes you employ are specific to your autos! I wouldn’t try a leafless grow with them personally.

It sounds to me like manipulating and controlling your plants is where your heart lays. You’ll want to do some reading through @Arrow to see amazing plant training. Heavy defoliation still scares me. And I lost probably 2oz of bud opportunity because of it during my current grow, but they are photos!

@Not2SureYet is an auto grower with good input as well.


Nice. a bit cautious when plucking keaves at times on autos as it will stunt the plant some. Every time u train or do anythong to the plant cloning leaf trims ect the plant has a stall for a bit so it stops all production to repair the broken spots if this makes sense. Ive got to the point with autos to just let them grow and do selective trims. No topping because to me it dont seem to make a difference at all. Autos are basically photos with their own mind. If u do defols id watch times like when u see pizstils start to form thats flower atart 21 and 42 days from start are good defol.days or right around then if u watch the plant u will see the plant changing everyday basically and around these days the plant goes into a stall mode where it builds up root ball ect so doing training then is a good time as it takes off stress on the plant because it is not so hard at work on the plant but the roots. @Nicky @Not2SureYet ate the fellas got me going great with autos. @Nicky lead me thru the best auto ive grown and it was mu very first grow and was in a hydro bucket also z o a bit more challenging. Good luck im tagging along for the journey


I will tag along too. Normally I would say you have a few things wrong for doing an auto. but the fact your grow area is so small. This is working out for you. Once you are ready to grow a bigger full sized plant. I would only plan on doing one in there. And an indica for sure since they are a little shorter. You will want to top for sure to keep the height down. As @Mark0427 says. We all like things a little different. Mark doesn’t top. I do and @Nicky fimms. We all have found what works best for us. I found feeding heavy will keep my plants smaller. The eat way less than photos for the most part. I would personally slow down with the additives. By adding in a bunch at once. You will not know what caused the issue shoud one come up. Or what works together. Just my o2 Stripping all your fan leaves like that is probably why your plants are staying small. You need them at least till your into flower for this to grow. It is spending it’s time trying to grow the leaves back as to the actual plant growing. The up side. The more you try, the more you will learn what works and doesn’t :grin:


Well said :point_up_2: brother … @Mark0427 and @Not2SureYet … I agree, your area is small so small plant techniques will work ( read bonsai ) …I will defer to @Not2SureYet and @Nicky on the autos… I have no experience with autos … If and when you get to training photos… I’ll help if you want …:sunglasses::v:


If the trim your talking about was from the buds don’t throw it away. you said you like cooking and there’s alot that can be done with trim & cooking. There’s some recipies scatered about the forum & books like bong appitite on amazon.
If you can move your exhaust away from your intake it will help your air circulation.

An 5 oz off your 1st grow is great congradulations!!!
If 0 leaves is what your after grow photos next time & look up schwazzing. I’m not sure but I don’t know that auto’s will be strong enough to handle it? (take mister twister, @Arrow up on it)


Glad to be along as well. Definitely not as experienced as :point_up_2:. However, always willing to share what I have learned along my journey, and has been said a couple of times, what works for you may not work for me, but I’m going to try it out and see!

5 oz! First grow! Heck ya! I’ll take that all day.

As you, I am in a small space (2x2). Only allows one plant at a time. However, I can maximize by training heavily early. I have only grown autos so far, and what I have learned from incredible growers here has worked for me. Albeit, I have not tried topping or fimming yet. I actually grow sesame plants as well and topped some of them. They grew tremendously. SO, I said I would give it a try on the next grow. Well, she is 8 weeks old this week and I only LSTed her. Chickened out at the last moment.

I will be here and see how it goes and learn form you as well.

Best of luck. Continued success.


Learn about DLI, use the search option I have a thread on it that will teach you more about lighting. I use a 20/4 scedule from start to finish.

Print out a cannabis VPD chart and hang it in your grow room near your fan controller.

You should move that carbon filter and your exhaust as far away as possible, crack a window and to be honest you should vent it out a window vent. Plants need as much co2 as possible or they will grow slower and weaker, your temp will also just raise and raise as will your humidity. Work on a window vent modification ASAP. Head to the hardware store.

These ar3 my duel exhaust vents

Also get rid of the clay pots, they suck mosture out rapidly and don’t breath.
Fabric pots all the way.


Man, thank you guys!.. The great suggestions and direction is what makes this place fantastic!.. :beers:

The “suggested reading list” is much appreciated! I will definitely check all of them out in the very near future.

… I’m changing my lighting schedule to what was advised, moving the carbon filter, and will stop trimming… I just wish I had read all of this before my scissor actions earlier today. LoL!.. I am sure they will recover, but I will lock the trimmers away… But they are just so dense… No light getting below the top canopy.

Gelato Autoflower day 41 before/after trim.

OG Kush Autoflower day 34 before/after trim.

… Both gals have been given the same treatment. Definitely not strong on the nutes, but just as suggested… The Kush definitely looks much weaker (especially after trim) while the Gelato is already flowering and is a week ahead.

… Yes, no more trimming for now… But I really started that process to get more light to the lower buds, and these gals are really dense!.. What is the alternative other than letting them stay in serious shade?

Sheesh, I went through 5 seeds before one Kush sprouted while the Gelato perked right up on the first seed. Never an issue before, and using the same P4P suggestions. Oh well, “grower error”… Have I mentioned lately that I’m a serious amateur?!.. :rofl:

… Man, I would love to have an exhaust system like that… But… It’s sorta frowned upon in my state and my neighbors are not on the same program as me… As you can see, space is pretty close for summertime exhaust when folks are outside, and that side would be the only option. But maybe definitely for my 3rd grow this fall/winter… Also, they are not clay pots, but only fake imposters. They are plastic because they were cheaper, but still have the requisite drainage holes I guess. (Yes, I am not Martha Stewart or whoever does legit growing. Ha!) :wink:

… Again, I am purely amateur. I seriously love all of the suggestions. My goal is just to grow some high quality product if I possibly can while trying a few new things this time… Luckily, my job keeps me out of town for a few days at a time so I can’t mess too much (especially with watering)…

… Whatever y’all suggest/teach me on this 2nd grow I’ll apply to my 3rd attempt this fall… So thank you all very very much!.. Cheers!.. :beer:


I tell 'ya, I’m seeing favorable results so far after the ill-advised trim… I really hope it’s not false anticipation! Ha!.. One day difference seems to be outstanding!.. Yea, I switched the gals up just in case the location within the tent plays a factor, even if I doubt it…

Man, these gals are gonna be seriously dense if I don’t trim… Do I just blow-off the lower buds because there is zero light? Heck, that was something I was seriously trying to prevent with the trimming in the first place. I dunno…

This pic is from this evening (just one day later from major trim), 06/11…
42 days for the Gelato (right) and 35 days for the OG Kush left)… This is gonna be fun seeing how these gals develop and grow… Difference of night and day for just a short time of 1 day… :tropical_drink:

I’m obviously an amateur doing small-time grows even though “The Man” says I can’t do so within my state… I’m just curious, and if you don’y want to answer, that’s completely cool… But…

What sort of experience do y’all have?.. Growing forever?, short term?, just for a while?..

Just curious what brought y’all to this forum, nothing more… For me, I purchased seeds and viewed the various forums, then decided to participate due to the pandemic shutting me down… I learned a lot from studying. LoL!.. You?!

… Lookin’ for “words of wisdom” from y’all!.. And thanx in advance…

Cheers!.. :sunglasses:

My guess here is is that the majority of us showed up after going to the Google with a question. Finding answers here and saying that people are literally running to mentor and help probably got baby to join in the fun.

My plants were looking sad… I threw the @ symbol towards something like 4 people… I had happy plants. Then I started reading like a crack addict.


Heck ya! As I mentioned before (other thread), it was like an accelerated master’s program! I don’t know if I did as much research in grad school! Beautiful thing to learn and take care of yourself.

Keep reading, trying, and learning.

Plants do look good. Stay vigilant.

Continued success.


Hey guys!.. How’s everyone doin’?..

There hasn’t been much to report this past week. I was gone for 3 days at work so the gals appreciated some time alone without me messing with stuff. LoL!..

Compare this round of pics from the post above and you’ll see that “Mama Kush” has just exploded. But still doesn’t look like she wants to go to flower just yet. At 6 weeks since sprout… Gelato looks like in solid flower stage so I’m not messing with it…

Gelato: Exactly 7 weeks (49 days)…

OG Kush : Exactly 6 weeks (42 days)…

… Yea, I know each strain will react differently, but not sure why my “Kush Gal” won’t go to flower… And yes, I know light doesn’t matter to autos, but I guess I’ll try to flip the switch anyway. Can’t hurt, right?.. Any answers from you guys?.. Y’all always have the best suggestions…

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Cheers Everyone!.. :sunglasses:


Sometimes the hands-off approach is best! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I have read several posts where this occurs due to genetics. Therefore, trying to flip to flower with lights may actually do the trick. Put in a dark period for 24-48 hours and then go to 12-12. I have never had to do this, so I am not sure with the specifics on the timing. Perhaps others will add more details.

Continued success.


I would give it one more week before trying to flip it. Most of my autos go 6 - 7 weeks for veg.
And a lot get flowered on a 12/12. I have only had a couple that I needed to switch to a 12/12 to get them flowering. But it seemed to work. Your girls are looking great


Thanks for the suggestions!.. I’ll give her another week and re-evaluate…

Cheers!.. :beer:

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Things are coming along nicely. The extra week is only going to mean extra harvest. Keep it up


Hey folks!.. Hasn’t been much to report so I’m sorry for lack of posting, and I’ve been working too much (Damn the man! LoL!) so I’ve been pretty much “hands off” like @PP3121 suggested as the best… :grin:

… So here we are with my gals!:
8 1/2 weeks (60 days to be exact) for Gelato Autoflower…
7 1/2 weeks (53 days to be exact) for OG Kush Autoflower…

My “Gelato Gal” [60 days] has been a huge success so far!.. Nothing really to trim, and it’s just a rock-solid plant!.. Super great smell, nice and sticky, and great dense bud formation! Absolutely fantastic!..

“Mama Kush” [53 days] has still been fighting going to flower. She just doesn’t want to go, but is quite the bush and has taken over the grow tent…

… It really is crazy how one strain grows one way, and another strain takes a different timeframe. But maybe my mixing of soils contributed to this. (ref. early in this thread)…

Either way, I can see “Mama Kush” taking her own sweet time and going beyond any perceived timeline, even being a week behind, where my “Gelato Gal” is finishing quick…

Comments?.. Suggestions?..

… Yea, I know I shouldn’t have done it… But I trimmed “Mama Kush” and put a leash on her… After all, I operate an equal opportunity grow tent, and I want both to have equal lighting. Besides, after 2 fingers, Mr. Jameson told me to do it… Ha Ha!.. :tropical_drink:

… I’m sure I’ve committed several Cardinal Sins when it comes to growing, and probably have a dozen of “Hail Mary’s” to give… :upside_down_face: But I’m super confident they will both thrive given equal light…

… Both have several weeks to go, it’s just amazing how advanced one is over the other…

You all are the experts… Comments/observations/snide remarks about what I’ve got going here?.. I value every comment from y’all…

Cheers everyone!.. :beers:


BTW… I know it really doesn’t matter with auto flowers, but I gave it a week, then went to a 12/12 lighting schedule…