Latitudes: "Is 3rd Time The Charm?"

Hey Guys!..I’m starting my 3rd grow!.. And all success goes to your advice previously!..

3 plants…
1 Girl Scout Cookies Auto
1 Gold Leaf Auto
1 Grandaddy Purple Auto

Have to admit, I really don’t know how to “tag” someone unless it’s with the “@” symbol… :upside_down_face:

So I really want to thank these folks from my previous attempt… (hope it works)… @MeEasy @PP3121 @Nicky @Jake3 @Underthestairs @HappyGoLucky21 @ihays789 @moonmouse @Mark0427 @Not2SureYet

… I would love to offer one of these to each of you!..

Just completed the shift to longer storage for my latest plant… :sunglasses:
… A Gelato Autoflower… It was my little “Banzai” if you followed the previous thread… The “OG Kush” lady is in week 2 of 4 curing weeks.

All of the advice resulted in a good reward I think… Remember, I’m very “small time” compared to some of you folks… LoL!.. :upside_down_face:

Final weigh prior to storage:
2 1/2 oz quality bud
1 1/4 oz great shake … From just 1 plant!.. :tropical_drink: … I’m lovin’ it!..

… And I decided to go straight to the pot for this 3rd grow… No easy fluorescent light, no transplant, no whatever…

… Right to the pot, then right to the tent… Some folks like it. We’ll see how this technique works for me. LoL!.. Same soil mix I used last time with just a few minor twists, I think Ha!..


… These lovely seedlings are just 4 days above ground!.. :sunglasses:

… I’m too much of a “wimp” to do a journal so it’s just this thread… LoL!.. :tropical_drink:

… Cheers guys!..


@Arrow @pillsbury @CygnusX1

… And adding these folks since I couldn’t on the initial post…


Tuning in too it seems like this is all the auto growers last push before winter , just got 9 strains going myself ( going to give 1 to mom since she wants to learn too) 6 are going to be pure organic and 3 will be 70% hydroponic nute driven with jacks 321 best of luck mate and happy growing


Very happy to be along for the ride. Good luck!


LoL!.. It may get interesting… Just a “jambalaya” soil mix once again, but we’ll see what happens… :rofl:

… Going under the knife tomorrow, so will be taking a few days off… I’m more nervous about keeping my plants sufficiently hydrated. Ha!.. :sunglasses:


Hopefully under the knife ain’t too serious. Stay healthy and do the same for your girls


Nice. Wish my autos would come out looking so nice. They always come out scrawny or look nice but the buds be airy light. Are your like that. My photos come out like rocks and the autos are like cotton balls after dried but feel nice while on plant. Makes no sense to me.

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Loving the bong. Looks like infinity symbol at the top of it. Infinite hits :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Good luck on the new girls @Latitudes and a nice haul from the last run… I’m glad to tag along add a few cents to the conversation and help out when I can. I have all my supplies :popcorn::ice_cream::bubble_tea::crazy_face: and ready to watch



I’ve been here, I hide in the pot patch. Thanks for thinking of me.

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Good luck brother

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Happy to tag along. I have been interested in the GL auto. @Myfriendis410 grew a beautiful photo of it.
@GreenSnek if you are going to give one to your mom for a first plant. The magnum would be a perfect one :grin: It is a smaller plant that is super easy to grow and care for. Both I did were this small.

Happy anniversary @pillsbury :+1:


thanks for the tag…following for sure… :pray: :peace_symbol:

happy canna day @pillsbury :partying_face:

on a hit like and run currently… :crazy_face:

:sunglasses: :v:


This will be a great thread to watch! Best to you.

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9 strains?.. Nice!..

… With these 3 strains for me, it will only make 8 different ones I’ve tried, and I’ve garnered info from each one to add to my extremely limited database… :upside_down_face:

… Like I said, I’m seriously “small time”… Ha! :rofl: … If you have a few threads out there, steer me in your direction… I always like learning a thing or two!.. :sunglasses:

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Maybe so. Is there a reason for that?.. For myself, I tried to time this grow so it is cut, dried, and cured by New Years Day. After the 1st my work pattern will change and I just want to complete the grow without major issues… Or that’s the plan anyway. Ha!.. :rofl:

Yea because it takes us about 3 months each grow so we’re on our 3rd auto grows of the year and I’ve only ever had 2 strains take longer then 10 weeks and 1 more then 12( out of 22 plants/20 strains) , chances are you’ll be curing by Christmas


Thanks guys!..

Yea, that’s about right with the 3 grows… I’ll be “tweaking” my timeline moving forward to next year… :rofl:

… So here are the young gals at 7 days above soil… All germinated at same time, sprouted same day, watered equally, etc… I’d say they seem to be starting fine… Comments?

… Big Question?.. The GSC and GLF seem to be getting some “leaf curl”?.. Is this from lack of water or lights too close?.. I raised the light just a bit right after taking the pics.

Cheers!.. :beers:

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Looks like a touch of nitrogen toxicity from the soil being a little to heavy in nutes , nothing to be to worried about they’ll use it soon