Latewood's Modified GH 3-part formula

This should answer a lot of question’s you have, and It should save you some money in the longrun.

Based off the Lucas Method that I modified to yield more. However if you have space limitations, just remove the Grow from the formula for smaller plants/yield

Here is a higher yielding alternative to cut and dried lucas method.

Fill a 5gal bucket and add nutes. I have a turkey baster syringe that sucks up exactly 40 ml if you fill it, So that works perfectly.

5 gallon formula*…convert as necessary…

Starting with reverse-osmosis water

Formual Values:
8ml per gallon

Step one:Veg 1-1-1 = 40-40-40*

Step 2:Flower .25-1-2 = 10-40-80*

Step 3: Finish 0-1-2 = 0-40-80*

  • Most 5 gallon DWC buckets only hold 4 gallons. 40ml becomes 32ml i.e reduce strength by 20%

Step 1: Veg:40-40-40 and additves.

add calmag+/ 3-5ml per gallon **ph5.8 water for topoff’s in between nute change… I do not use calmag in nute change solution.

Step 2: Flower stage: Start off with all 3 parts

(Lucas Method:0-1-2 / 0-40-80 for flower).
Use this insteasd:
Use .25-1-2/15-40-80 per 5 gallons. You get more mass using the nitrogen at this stage.

I simplified the recipe by using GH and lucas values Actually, they are General Hydroponics values…right off the bottle. Tweak as you need.

Step 3: Late flower finish: In week *4/5 flower. I switch to Lucas Method values, 0-40-80, and continue top off at least every other day. PK boosters can be used after week 5 to finish, I just use clean 0-40-80 until PK booster. so for 9-12 week finish you would hold off on PK/ Overdrive, whatever…
Use Overdrive, or high pk formula for a week or 2 prior to final flush.

Flush w/Florakleen.

*week 4/5 of flower. drop ph to 5.4 to make PK nutes more available to plants. increase the ph each week .1… i.e. wk4-ph5.4,
___wk5 ph5.5,
___wk6 ph5.6,
___ wk7 ph5.7,
___wk 8 5.8 to finish.

If you require longer finishing time, You hold off on this ph transition. This forces the plant to use up more stored Nitrrogen.

**most of the time, calmag+ will buffer the water’s ph and you don’t have to adjust.

So that is my take…I don’t even right it down anymore.