Latewood's GH 3-part Q & A discussion


You can do anything you want. I suggest you experiment and learn for yourself how to manipulate the formula :slight_smile:


I have started using ILGM Flower Power. On my 3rd grow and have had excellent success and quality. Easiest nutrients I ever used. Try a starter pack, available in the ILGM shop. :slight_smile:

The bigger packages seem expensive but, they have a long shelf life and if you are doing a larfge frow you will need to buy large KILO of Bloom and 1.2 KILO of boost. Start and Grow seem to be enough from the starter pack.

Starter pack is good for 2-4 plants, 1 to 2 grows. I had to get Bloom and Boost for 2nd flowering. Happy growing


Hi Latewood, been using the GH 3 part myself, just recently read about the Lucas formula. Think I will stick to the ole 3 part schedule iโ€™m running now, itโ€™s been working for me. Hey man, I did pick up a quart of GH Floranectar. Whatโ€™s your take on this supplement? I will probably just use it for this next grow I have starting, does it really add anything, or am I better in the future sticking with old reliable 3 part flora series?