Latewood's GH 3-part Q & A discussion



In relation to what. My formula does not call for any PK booster. That is why we use the Lucas formula in flower 0-1-2 parts. 1 part micro and 2 parts bloom are already boosting the PK values. :slight_smile:


Ooooooooooo I see


Alright @latewood. I’ve got 4 clones just cut at 6th week. Already rooted. And about to be at 7th week. Haven’t had any nutes yet. Have flora GH line. They’re in a 2x4 ebb and flow table with a 20 gal reservoir. How do I mix nutes properly. What should PH & PPM be. And how often should I flood the table?


Use equal parts of Grow Micro and Bloom. I would suggest using 5ml per gallon. (Each).

For 20 gallons of actual water (20 gallon res’ might only habe 18 gallons +/-)
Use 100ml of each into 20 gallons. Check you PPM. You want to be around 1000 ppm PH 5.8. 800-1200 will be fine. Let me know what the ppm reading is afterward.

I run my flood and drain table once an hour for 10-15 minutes. You can set a recycle timer to allow for any time period in between. Most e and F growers like to run 15 on and 45 off. Watch you plants and check medium. In extreme heat you may nee to run pump more often. Bottom line is that you want Oxygen to be available to the root zone during pump off.

Hope this helps.


@latewood I will be starting a drip hydro system for my next grow. I bought the GH flora series performance pack. I am pretty confident with the Grow, Micro, and Bloom. I was curious if you have any thoughts on the additional supplements that it comes with:

Performance Pack additional:

  • 8oz FloraBlend
  • 8oz Liquid KoolBloom
  • 4oz FloraKleen
  • 1oz Rapid Start
  • 1oz Floralicious Plus

Any thoughts, advice, experience with these?


Rapid start is amazing for root growth but is only necessary during veg! FloraLicious Plus is great, use it in extremely small doses but use it throughout the grow. Liquid Kool Bloom is for flower only. And FloraBlend is a great mix, almost like a compost tea!

I love GH, and right now I have their full line also (you’re missing a few, but it really doesn’t matter). I just recently cut back on all of them and have gone the simple route, using the Lucas Formula. It’s an experiment for me personally, but for you I recommend just following the GH feeding schedule because it’s extremely easy to follow and works really well! Just do half the doses for the first couple feedings, just to be careful!

But @latewood has mastered GH Flora line of nutrients, so wait to hear his info!



@ktreez420 Thanks, I appreciate the info, I want to be very prepared for my first hydro. I want as much in place as I can. I assume you mix all the ingredients, state specific of course(veg, flower), at once to make your solution? I will take the easier route and just follow the recommended for my first hydro grow. I can experiment after that; I’ll be growing from the Platinum pack (Purple Haze fem, GoldLeaf*** fem, and Super Silver Haze fem). I will be using a versagrow drip system.


You couldn’t really ask for a better group of seeds lol, good buy!

I run 5 gallon DWC buckets. So once a week I mix up a bucket full of 3 gallons of RO (reverse osmosis) water, and then I add nutrients to the water. After nutrients are added then I pH the mixture to 5.7-5.9 Every week I do this, to every plant.

You’ll want to look into nutrients like HydroGuard, Orca, RhyzoFuel, Mammoth P, etc. These are all beneficial bacteria for the plants. I personally use all HydroGuard, Mammoth P, and I have RhyzoFuel also. There are a bunch out there, but essentially this is just adding beneficial bacteria so that they can help colonize and feed your plants. Good bacteria will also help with bad bacteria.

Or, you can do a sterile grow, which I’m experimenting with right now! Where you add your nutrients to your water, pH the mixture, and then add Hydrogen Peroxide to kill ALL bacteria! If doing a sterile grow you don’t need any bacteria products. I only recommend this for hydro tho.



Very nice! I have read some topics where those products were mentioned, I had not looked into what they did, I will have to look into them, but I like hearing what works for people.

With regard to water:
RO vs. Distilled? I have been using distilled, though my first grow was soil, and my current grow is coco coir. I know that coco is soil-less so it is more of a hydro grow. I am hand feeding them; but for the drip hydro I will be doing, should I switch to RO? I’ll go research this as well.


Sorry for delay. Life a bit hectic right now. :slight_smile:

I suggest you get the GH feeding schedule and work off that to begin with :slight_smile:


*week 4/5 of flower. drop ph to 5.4 to make PK nutes more available to plants. increase the ph each week .1… i.e. wk4-ph5.4,
___wk5 ph5.5,
___wk6 ph5.6,
___ wk7 ph5.7,
___wk 8 5.8 to finish.

@latewood is this still your recommended process for pH during flowering? Thanks. I am growing in coco/perlite with autopots (gravity fed from 12 gallon res.).

Saturday will mark start of week 4 flowering and both strains are 60-63 day projected finish.

I have been following the Head/Rezdog formula but saw yours a week ago and began to incorporate your recs. Thanks.



This is an advanced ph schedule. You can try it or not try it. If you
would rather, just stay at 5.8

The manipulation of the PH just give the flower a bit more kick if done
correctly. Could be a pain in the butt if you have a hard time adjusting
your ph. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, Peace, lw


Thanks a million @latewood. I may leave it for down the road given I am learning my set up and limits this grow. Thanks again.


I have had great success with AN


AN sucks. They are copycats, that basically take all other brands, reverse engineer the concentrates and then sell that in their own bottle. Please do not invade my GH topic with AN talk. Not needed here. I used AN 3-part 1 time and switched to GH since. The real maker of 3-part.

p.s. I am in the inner circle, also. Do not like Big Mike much either. FYI

p.s.2 I no longer use or want to use GH products at all. GH, Botanicare, Scott’s, Miracle Grow, were all gobbled up by Monsanto, making them unusable. Now Bayer has gobbled up Monsanto. Bayer made the gas the Nzi’s used in WWII; No thank You!:wink:

I will continue to support members using GH because I wrote the paper. I just am not going to recommend any of these Nazi products any longer. Another note: I am German. Go figure. :wink:


On this schedule, the flower stage starts with week 4… would that be week 4 after flipping to 12/12?
I just got this set and made the light switch a week ago.


Bummer! I just bought this set. :disappointed: I’ll have to stick with it for now, but for future reference - what nutes do you recommend for coco?
Also, is it ok to follow the measurements on the bottle?


@latewood do you mind me asking what line you are now using? Or if there is a different line other than the gh or advanced that you recommend?

I too have an issue with the buy out, but wondering about alternatives.


This is an advanced PH manipulation you can experiment with. It is not a mandatory thing. :smiley:


There is no schedule in this tutorial that says anything about flowering in week 4. You can flower from week 4 minimum time up to 3 months depending on space and grow experience and beliefs